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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please - unknot those panties!

Say Uncle has a note about yet another pack of bed-wetters in TN who are scared of those awful armed citizens.

Now, Tennessee has some requirements to get a concealed carry permit: gotta be 21; can't be a felon; have to take a safety course (cost varies); have to pay money ($115 to state); have to get fingerprinted and have a background check run.

Down in Georgia, you gotta pay a nominal fee ($65), and get fingerprinted and have a background check run. The parks-carry stuation is the same mish-mash that TN is going to have. Some of the cities that do NOT restrict carry in parks in GA are close to me, and I haven't heard of anything happening.

TN also just allowed concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol ..... GA has allowed that for over a year, and not a single incident has arisen because of it.

What has the NRA done about this?


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