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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm heading back home from my dad's, but there were several tornadoes in the area so power is out. It might be a couple of days before I can get back to blogging.


WTF is right!

I mean ... srsly.

Best coverage I've seen ...

... about the president releasing his long-form birth certificate:

Their claim was that the birth certificate, by law, can only be released to someone with a "tangible" interest in it, and then they claimed -- astute legal observers they -- that Obama himself had no "tangible" interest in it, and so could not ask for a copy. All he could do, they averred, was inspect it at the Honolulu hall of records.

Bullshit. Always was bullshit.

Mostly because Ace said 'bullshit'.

The reason it took this long will be debated almost as long as it took for the certificate to be released, but one thing's for certain - it has always been within Obama's power to release the birth certificate, but he did nothing.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A treatise on FIJ

By Stewart Rhodes:

The power of the jury to vote according to conscience and judge the merits, fairness, constitutionality and applicability of the law itself, is the only real, undiluted power the individual citizens have in our system of government. If we are engaged in a struggle for our fundamental rights against governments on all levels, and we are, then we must view our role as partisan guerrillas, and we have a powerful yet peaceful tool at our disposal. It has been hidden from us, and we are intimidated into thinking it is not our right, but if we will summon the courage to grasp it, we can use jury veto power, or jury nullification, as a weapon in defense of liberty.

A tool you say? RTWT.


Stealing from Uncle ...

... again!

A man who authorities said had been stalking a Saluda County woman died in what the sheriff's office is calling a shoot-out Saturday night.

You really don't have to look far to see the bias in the media.

It was a shootout (conjuring up the Wild Wild West). The incident is still under investigation (because we still want to charge someone with something). Not to mention the 'My daddy was a good man' appeal to emotion.

It simply couldn't have been that the man who was killed violated a valid court order, dragged his ex-girlfriend 50 yards or more by the hair, beat her, got shot at, and then got his head blown off by the ex-girlfriends dad.

Sounds like a pretty fucking good outcome to me.

And I can tell you this. As long as I'm alive, if I ever see that my daughter has been beaten by anyone, then I'll be exacting some payback as well.

And there's not a jury who would convict me ....


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This guy ...

... is not a rabid gun nut:

Arm yourselves. I no longer think we can avoid bloodshed. The left has decided to go all in. So we have to be prepared to get over our disbelief that it actually can happen here — and shed the left’s years’ long attempts to convince us that defending ourselves or our liberty (or to even think we have the right to do so, clinging to our guns and our flawed documents) is somehow gauche and bespeaks low intelligence and racist fear — and be prepared to defend liberty.

No, Jeff is downright normal ... just like you and I.

It's coming ... be ready.


Does it ever end?

The relentless drumbeat of reporters who don't:

Police say 64-year-old Fort Oglethorpe Walmart employee, Luther Lawson pulled a gun on a customer on Sunday, Easter morning.

As I wrote to the news director, the opening paragraph could have just as accurately said ' A 64-year-old man resopded to being shoved with his legally-carried handgun.'

The reporting is, as usual, horrible. On Newschannel9's Facebook page, the reportress admitted that everything in the article is as the police told them it happened. No trying to find witnesses, no questioning of the police, no interviewing the alleged victim.

They're not reporters, they're repeaters.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeah ... uh huh ...

... there's absolutely no reason to carry a firearm:

Baltimore County police are currently investigating a beating at a McDonald's restaurant in Rosedale that was recorded and posted online.

The disturbing video shows two black women beating up a white woman inside the McDonald's restaurant in the 6300 block of Kenwood Avenue.

No reason at all.


This one has a point

A new picture from Oleg.

Interesting ...

... a commenter at HotAir has this to say:

I hesitate to say this but Jones is genius. He has unmasked Islamo-fascism for what it is, pulled the pants down on the cowardly appeasers and demonstrated that the Religion of Peace is a fraud, a farce and a source of predictable mindless violence. I tip my hat to you, Sir.

Mason on April 22, 2011

Sounds like he might be on to something. I think it's also interesting that there's been no action on Jones' negligent discharge in Detroit ... guess the threat of muzzie violence trumps a couple of errant pistol rounds.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!

Have a blessed Easter!


Friday, April 22, 2011


This is how it's done:

On Saturday, USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, who was killed in action in Afghanistan April 7, was buried in Brandon, Mississippi...Why weren’t there protestors?

Planning ahead by the locals, as it turns out.

You really need to read this one! h/t Dave Hardy


JPFO alert

2A hero, Alan Gura, explains the realities of pro-gun litigation.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pesky truth ...

... always getting in the way:

This reasonable business decision created more than 1,000 jobs and has brought around $2 billion of investment to South Carolina. The aerospace workers in Puget Sound remain among the best paid in America, but the union nonetheless asked the NLRB to stop Boeing’s plans before the company starts to assemble planes in North Charleston this July.

Boeing union worker in Puget Sound have screwed the pooch with their wage and other demands, and now the company wants to put a new plant where it will be better for business.

Imagine that. Babies ...


Is it just me ...

... or is it getting hot in here?

“Chairman Issa Chastises ATF for Refusal to Comply with Subpoena,” an April 20 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform release declares.

“If you do not comply with the subpoena, the Committee will be forced to commence contempt proceedings,” the release promises.

Sounds like someone means bidness! As with all of Davids scribblings, RTWT.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm late, as usual

I forgot to post my Buy a Gun Day purchase.

Nice pistol ... I've only put 20 rounds through it so far, but it functions fine. It's the 22/45 model with the threaded barrel, so it's just waiting for a suppressor (and a sight!).


The University of Tennessee Chattanooga ...

... is not amused:

Cantrell is one of many at UTC and across the state who see a problem in House Bill 2016. It would let faculty and staff with handgun carry permits bring their firearms to campus. Right now, the law bars anyone, even permit holders, other than law enforcement from bringing weapons to campus. And UTC Chief of Police Bob Ratchford says that's how it should stay.

I'll get to Ratchford in a minute.

As to Mr Cantrell, it seems that quite a few people have forgotten their station in the pecking order. The university is a subdivision of the state, a state that has set the requirements for citizens to carry a firearm. If the duly-elected representatives of a state decide that properly licensed citizens should be able to carry weapons on a state-sponsored college campus, then the only correct response by the university is 'Yes, sir' and figure it out. A properly concealed handgun will be of no impact to the student body, and it might even save a life or 30.

And Bob Ratchford, you need to resign, immediately. It is not your place to dictate terms about things that are properly the states' responsibility. You work for the citizens of the state of Tennessee. If their elected officials decide to allow firearms on campus, then your correct response is 'Yes, sir', then go to your office, close the door and have a nice, tall glass of STFU. You do not 'train' citizens how to act (though law enforcement continually tries); citizens dictate how
are to act.

Try not to forget that.


JPFO alert

Support JPFO and learn critical gun skills at the same time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once again ...

... I apologize.

And for the same reason.

My dad's old house is just that ... an old house, built in the late 1800's. He and my mom bought it with the intention of rehabbing it, but you know how that goes. Now that my mom's passed away, he's bought a new house, and we're trying to go through 34 years of accumulated stuff.

I'll more than likely be going back this Thursday, and then again next Tuesday, so the free ice cream machine will be intermittent.


Monday, April 11, 2011

I apologize

for my unannounced absence.

I went up to my Dad's to help him some more as he tries to get his old house cleaned up. I will not rely on his internet being operational.


More of this, please

Jury acquits man of spitting tobacco juice on one of the Phelps idiots:

A Fayette County man is acquitted of a battery charge after spitting on a member of the controversial organization tha tcame to West Virginia to demonstrate during the days following the Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion.

This is how the Westboro Baptist Church will be reigned in. By citizens telling SCOTUS they can keep their interpretation of the 1st amendment.


Campus carry in TX hits roadblock

But that tactic worked so well for Colin Goddard:

"I want to give law-abiding citizens a reasonable means of defense beyond duck and hide," Wentworth said when debate began.

Law-abiding citizens ...

Not feeble, scared sheep ... citizens.

Maybe it's time we started using Rush Limbaugh's tactic of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd. To wit:

Sen Wentworth: My esteemed colleagues. I rise today to announce my waivering as to sponsoring this bill. It has come to my attention, brought by the opposition, that the law-abiding student-citizens of Texas, unlike the student-citizens of Utah, simply cannot be trusted with the carrying of concealed firearms.

Despite Utah student-citizens compiling an enviable record over the past (?) years of licensed students carrying firearms on campus, the horrible tendencies for firearms to exert mind control over their owners, leaving death and destruction (not to mention leaving the streets like a river of blood), is simply too great for this body to allow TX students who are licensed by the state to carry on TX campuses.

While my default position on these types of matters is one of giving a citizen the benefit of a sound mind, especially when he has already demonstrated that fact to the state, I must conclude that the evil, mind-controlling power of a properly and legally carried handgun is one that the students of TX colleges are not equipped to handle.

I regret that I must reconsider my position.

Now, a real wordsmith could do a much better job than I coming up with a rational speech using all of the lefts' misrepresentations regarding campus carry.

I think it's called framing the debate.

We should try it sometime.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Truth ...

... Vox haz it:

If you are a private employer, then it is your business and only your business if you want to employ nothing but black lesbian Marxists or Holocaust-denying Scottish neo-Nazis.

And this while commenting on a Mark Steyn piece relating to Lindsay Graham's feeble attempt to not look like the statist he is.

I've always maintained that if you want to deny service at a restaurant to blacks (or whites), then as a private business that's your decision, and you'll have to live with the economic consequences.



For your edification

Sounds like Mr Gura's got another notch coming.

Oral arguments in Ezell went badly for Chicago's attorney, especially when the one justice told him that his conceptualization of the injury was, well ... faulty would be charitable! It's also nice to hear that the two justices seem to think that the 2nd amendment should be held to intermediate scrutiny if not strict scrutiny, just like the 1st amendment.

Download the mp3 from Sebastian's link and enjoy the schadenfreude.


JPFO alert

How to answer the magazine ban pushers

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Light posting today

Le Petite Poule is having a procedure today, so I'll be scarce.


Could it be?

Some sense displayed by the judiciary:

A Cuyahoga County judge's decision to allow a convicted drug criminal to own firearms for self-defense could pave the way for thousands of people with minor drug convictions to own guns.

At issue is whether an Ohio law prohibiting all drug criminals, among others, from owning guns is unconstitutional when applied to someone convicted of a misdemeanor drug charge.

The man had a misdemeanor drug possession conviction 20 years ago, that resulted in a fine. Of course, the state is trying to hair-lip the governor making him out to be as dangerous as Clyde Barret, even after police testified that the area the man lived in was known for heavy gang activity.

I'm of David Codrea's opinion that if you can't be trusted with a firearm in public, then you need a custodian. Yes, I'll go waaay out on the limb and say that even convicted felons should be able to buy firearms from dealers, because if they want a firearm, they'll get it no matter what the law is. It just might stop some theft of firearms.

And of course, there's the argument that even a felon needs to be able to protect himself, and it's hard to say that a convicted felon is somehow less of a person (even though that's the consensus).

Either way, this decision is a welcome one.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Suppressors and stuff ...

Washington state is about to be able to actually use the suppressors they can legally own. That's caused a bit of PSH from various sources (including supposed NRA members). But the law will most likely pass, and that's a good thing.

While this information was being made available, there was some discussion on Sebastian's post. Robb Allen was lamenting the high cost of a suppressor (he didn't even mention the replacement barrels or machine work to fit one). But he hit the nail on the head with this:

If they were treated as just any other firearm accessory like they should be, you would see the total cost of a good can fall below $100.

If they were treated like they should be ... ah, there's the rub! Currently, they're not. I believe I heard on Vicious Circle that the reason you don't see beater cars in Hong Kong was the high cost of parking .... why not buy a Mercedes if it's going to cost you half again in parking for a year?!

But low cost cans will ultimately mean low quality (and it's a problem even now). For example, you can make a simple suppressor in your garage with simple hand tools and mild steel (plus a welder), and it'll be serviceable for quite a few rounds. But if you can't take it apart to clean it, it will eventually lose effectiveness.

Contrast that with a Liberty Cans Essence of Liberty .22lr suppressor. The flagship of the Kodiak line of rimfire suppressors, the Essence is made mostly of titanium (with only the blast baffle made of stainless steel), weighs less than a D-cell battery, is user-cleanable, and all the parts are coated with some stuff NASA uses on turbine engine fans. This ain't yer grandaddy's suppressor!

Cost is $635.

Now, having been to Liberty's shop (they're located roughly 5 miles from my house) and shot this suppressor (and seen it taken apart ... all special tools required included), $635 is a bargain to me to have the ability to shoot a .22 around my house and not spook the dog (or the neighbors!) and to have the suppressor last for my lifetime.

If I'm going to get a suppressor for .22 rifles, I'll probably pick the Kodiak suppressor. It's the grandpaw of the Essence, but it's all stainless steel ... only $485.

Of course, you generally have to have a threaded barrel to mount a suppressor, and here is where you start getting into some cash. Liberty will do threads on Ruger rimfire pistols and 10/22's for around $125. Some pistols can be had with a factory-threaded barrel (such as the Ruger 22/45) for a premium, but not as bad as having it done. And replacing a stock barrel with a threaded barrel can be pricey.

All of this is simple economics. Suppressors aren't in regular (read that as, high quantities) use yet, so the economic pressure for manufacturers to supply threaded barrels isn't there ... yet!

If the laws regarding suppressors can be changed (taking them off the NFA), then more people will start using them, and manufacturers will respond accordingly. We need to make sure that happens.



Or justice:

A famous former rugby player has been arrested in South Africa after allegedly butchering at least three people to death with an axe.

A newspaper claimed the unnamed 34-year-old sportsman had launched a murderous rampage in revenge after his daughter was gang-raped and infected with HIV.

I would want to know a couple of things. How long ago did the rape occur, were any of the victims suspects, and were the police doing anything about it.

I don't know how S African courts work, but I'd be pushing to have the jury comprised of men with daughters the same age as the one who was raped.

For the sake of justice.



A major city in favor of legalization of pot:

Not to get too speculative, but... is this what it looks like approximately 18 months before the first state in the US legalizes marijuana?

It still amazes me that folks still want to continue the war on drugs (I guess as a jobs program for law enforcement). Just goes to show that social conservatives are all in favor of fun, just not for you.


Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a dud ...

... happens all the time!


just the facts, ma'am .....

Someone details them for the uninformed:

This letter is to address the facts on President Obama’s views on gun control as he is recently making news with his views on “common sense gun laws.”

RTWT - you already know about it, right?


What he said!