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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What does that 'mean'?

This post isn't particularly long, nor is it that short. That said, you need to read it.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joe forwards the snark

Joe Huffman of Boomershoot fame, sends along this little bit of sarcasm:
Lawyers for the alleged rapist charged their client was “the real victim of this assault,” and warned that easy access to legal firearms was “[Making] committing a rape or other violent crime nearly impossible in many suburban areas.
Lots of snark there!


ATF seizes airsoft AR's.

I've been watching this since I saw it at Uncles' place - seems the ATF thinks that some airsoft AR's are a bit too close to the real thing:
Investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive showed that the guns had been tooled to shoot plastic balls. However, parts could be switched out quickly to allow them to fire live ammunition.
But a commenter at Sebastian's did a little research:
So essentially these Airsoft replicas cannot even operate an AR15 trigger pack without heavy modification with a precise tooling system operated by someone who knows the specific measurements to drill and tap the WE TTI lower receiver.
I guess if you're the gubmint, 'switched out quickly' includes being able to construct a weapon from the gaseous goodness of unicorn farts.


Not even an original killer

WND has an article about an interesting twist in the Amy Bishop saga:
CANTON, Mass. (Feb. 26) -- Investigators have discovered that a newspaper on the floor of Alabama university professor Amy Bishop's home when she killed her brother more than 20 years ago described an incident strikingly similar to what she did that day, raising questions about her claim that it was an accident.
Must've been compensating, or something.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Not sure it'll help

Quoted on several right-minded blogsites (I'll link to Ace), this pointy bit about the health care summit; quoth Jay Nordlinger:
Let me try something out on you: This health-care summit was a bad idea for the Democrats for this reason: They have long benefited from a perception — a perception greatly abetted by the media: The Republicans don’t care about health care, they don’t know about health care, they are the Party of No. All the ideas and caring are on the Democratic side.

It is not so, and it has never been so. And now everybody knows it.

Nope, not everybody ..... only the wonks who already knew that Obama's plan was a shit sandwich. The Media's not going to admit that the Republicans had a workable plan all along, not when they colluded with Dems in covering it up.

Let's hope that the Dem's can't get the vote for this plan.


Not sure it

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Does anyone wonder

Mike V has this story posted at Sipsey St, about a post-Katrina shooting. Here's a video:

Danziger Video: Plea deal with Lt. Lohman

An investigating officer planted an untraceable weapon at a crime scene to provide cover for other officers.


I think maybe David's going to have to change the directions of his Only Ones.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Uncle has a report from Colorado State University, where the board of governors has voted to disarm law-abiding permit holders, but there's a twist:
“I have told the CSU police chief I will not support this in any way,” Sheriff Alderden told The Gazette. “If anyone with one of my permits gets arrested for concealed carry at CSU, I will refuse to book that person into my jail. Furthermore, I will show up at court and testify on that person’s behalf, and I will do whatever I can to discourage a conviction. I will not be a party to this very poor decision.”

That's Sheriff James Alderden ...... a man who could surely run for national office.

Clearly he understands interposition.


Here's why we'll never be rid of firearms.

It's too easy ...... and a damn good thing!

Shorter, but non-english version here (but you get the idea).

Now, we may not have to worry about the American brand of petty criminal doing this, because I'm not sure they physically can, and if they could, they wouldn't want to put that much effort into building a firearm ('cuz they're lazy).

But I know who will be building guns this way if they need to .... III'pers!



A man brings a rifle to a middle school only three miles from Columbine HS?
Two students have been shot at the Deer Creek Middle School this afternoon and the suspected shooter - an adult male - is in custody, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's department.
I thought that schools were Victim Disarmament Gun Free Zones? Do you mean to tell me that someone disobeyed those signs?! That he didn't care anything about the 'sense of the legislature' of Denver.

My brain housing group cannot fathom the unpossibleness of this development.

Let me say this again - criminals (you know, those people who break the law) do not care about your laws. They will always do whatever the fuck they want to, because you're powerless to stop them.

Unless you're armed ...... then you've at least evened up the odds.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now THIS is funny!

Epic Beard Man, Mortal Kombat edition:


Another can of worms

Sebastian sure has a knack for finding the news that pushes peoples buttons:
This is one of the big risks with open carry. I think this guy handled himself pretty poorly, given the circumstances. Most open carry people know better than this, but it’s the bozos who are going to end up in the news.
Make sure to read the linked article.

Here's what I think happened. Mr Dohmen is a long-time 2A advocate, and he's been open-carrying for 2 years now (he has a concealed permit). He and his wife were on their way home from Denver, he needed to piss, and he did what thousands of people do - he stopped at McDonalds.

Where one hoplophobic customer told the hoplophobic manager there that there was a man with a gun in the house.

So the manager confronted Dohmen, asking if he was a cop and he replied that he was not. She then told him he had to leave. He responded that he was legally entitled to carry openly, and offered her a brochure to explain his rights under the law in Washington state. She responded that she was calling 911.

Now, as I mentioned in the comments, this manager, I'm quite sure, didn't make a "Man-openly-and-legally-carrying-a-firearm-in-my-restaurant-and-it's-making-my-customers-and-me-nervous-and-uncomfortable-and-you-have-to-come-and-DO-SOMETHING!" 911 call.

No, she made a "man with a gun" call, and that's completely different from what Dohmen was. So the police were looking for a man with a gun.

Now, I will say that Dohmen probably shouldn't have waited inside his car, and once the manager said she was going to call 911, he should have been on the phone to 911 post-haste .... might have made a difference. I would say that getting his side of the story on tape, and letting the responding officers know what kind of car to look for, and what I was wearing, and how old I am (just so they know), maybe the manager might have gotten schooled.

But she didn't, and Dohmen waited in his car, and he got responded to predictably, although everything worked out well that night. No jail, no real detention, he got his weapon back and went on his way. I really can't fault LE for what happened. I would also mention that if he had left, his desciption would have been given to police, and they'd have evetually found and stopped him anyway, with perhaps less-desirable results.

Now, the usual suspects are screaming that this is yet another reason why OC is a Bad Idea. I contend that Dohmen was ambushed, and did pretty well all things considered. He kept calm, he offered some literature that explained citizens' rights, and he left the building ..... he was going to get to talk to police no matter what happened. I think he did good.

But jumping to conclusions are some's stock in trade. To them I ask this question: What is a good OC encounter, especially in enemy territory?


Monday, February 22, 2010


Seems like Mike Huckabee has his little girl panties in a twist, all because there were actual conservatives at CPAC:
CPAC is becoming "increasingly libertarian and less Republican," Huckabee told Fox News on Saturday, one reason he said he decided not to attend this year.
Wow, I think he doesn't know what the first 'C' in CPAC stands for! Maybe this is the real reason:
Huckabee, who finished a disappointing tie for sixth place in the CPAC presidential straw poll, ....
Oh, I see ...... looks like conservatives figured out that you really aren't.



Awesome political post!

Mike V brings it with a link to William Grigg regarding the concept of interposition:
By threatening the use of lethal violence against those who refused to surrender their property, the fictional Captain Weaver made explicit the implicit threat made every day by his analogues in real life. In terms of both morality and the law, Boggett's refusal to sell or surrender his horse ended the matter. The violence that ensued was an entirely credible dramatization of what happens when agents of the state's killing apparatus refuse to take "no" as the final answer to a demand for the legal property of a law-abiding man.

And it gets better from there - RTWT.


How are we to act?

I got involved in a blog post about a gun shop protest in Philadelphia by the mild-mannered folks at Heeding God's Call. The videos linked in the post are innocuous, but here are 4 others in the guy's archive that show some, uh, questionable behavior. Mike, in the comments, seems to be of the type that believes that firearm owners must be on his standard of their best behavior or risk giving the anti-gunners ammunition in the struggle. My (and apparently Sebastian's as well) point is that you can't expect that some exhuberence doesn't come through.

But how are we to act? This is a constitutional right (not to mention a natural right of self-defence) we're talking about here. I know that many would argue that it's the only right that can result in people getting killed, but I believe the founders considered that a feature, not a bug.

Overall, the pro-firearm folks at the protest were knowledgable and were addressing the concerns of HGC with facts, demonstrating that nothing HGC advocates will do anything to stop violence. But that's the rub. The folks at HGC can't come to grips that they or we or anyone else will ever stop violence. They or we or anyone else can never, under any conditions, stop those intent on violence from obtaining firearms (or knives, or baseball bats, or crowbars, ...).

And the biggest problem I have with HGC, or any other group like them, is that they want to force me to live my life under their pacifist rules.

And when push comes to shove, how am I to act then?


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fiscal or social?

Why fiscal conservatism trumps social conservatism.

I saw this at Ace's place, (and HotAir and WND!) and got my brain jogged (again) about something I've been thinking about for a long time, and that's the GOP's 'strangeness' about social issues vs fiscal issues.

If you haven't been living under a rock, there is controversy at this year's CPAC convention; a pro-homosexual group (GOProud) was allowed to co-sponsor the event (which is a big deal!). One attendee decided to pull out of the conference in protest; others threatened, but ultimately attended. Then I hear reports that a conservative speaker was booed off the stage after making snide comments about CPAC's decision to invite GOProud to the conference.

All of this is interesting in a couple of ways. First, it shows that as new blood is infused into the GOP, it becomes more openly tolerant of homosexuals (dare I say, more libertarian?!). Second, it leads one to ponder which is more important .... social or fiscal conservatism. I would contend it is the latter, and it is the GOP that is having to sleep in the bed it has made for itself.

If you look at the byzantine financial structure of this country, it's hard to find a place to start when you think about reining in spending. I think that's the wrong place to start. The place to start is to look at the money supply that the government has to spend ..... government has too much, and only ever wants more. That is the nature of governments ... all governments.

And the GOP gets involved in social issues because of the fiscal ramifications.

Take marriage. Republicans (not conservatives) are all the time crowing 'The government should dictate that marriage is between a man and a woman' and 'We should pass a constitutional amendment outlawing gays from marrying', all of which are just versions of 'Teh gayz, teh gayz, ZOMG teh gayz!'. And that's the problem - the government is already involved up to it's eyeballs, and it's the GOP's fault.

You see, if there were not financial benefits to being married, there would not be a great rush to have gays be allowed to get married. And it just so happens that a lot of the financial benefits are predicated on whether you're married. And right now, only heterosexual couples can marry (though that's changing). And when the government says 'Your group can marry and get financial benefit but your group can't', then all the folks in the 'you can't' group start agitating to be recognized (and rightfully so). And which political party has lobbied hardest to provide the 'marriage benefit' regarding federal taxes? The GOP.

I'll draw a parallel from a different area. I participated in Vox Day's online class, reading America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard. One of the comments I made during that study is that so much of the financial industry is devoted, not to producing anything valuable, but simply on making money.

The same is true of our political system. So much of the day-to-day is spent divying up the federal pie. The problem is, the government doesn't have a pie of it's own, it takes from you and I to get their pie. So they can give it to someone else. So what if the federal pie got smaller and smaller and smaller?

Well, if there was no financial benefit to being married, marriage would start gravitating toward what it's best at - maintaining social order (and the part administered by government only providing an equitable distribution of assets if the marriage doesn't work out). So, if the government cannot bestow benefits to married individuals, why should it matter that two gay gentlemen get married in the Church of the Holy Besiality? But what about social security benefits, dude? There's another place the government has stuck it's nose where it doesn't belong. In an economically perfect world, I would get all the taxes paid in my name (not to mention health insurance premiums) paid to me as a wage, for me to spend how I see fit. And if I provide good stewardship of my money, I can decide to whom it goes at the end of my life, rather than begging the government to recognize my 'partner'. The government should not be in the business of providing 'social' security at all.

So, GOP ...... fix the money part (and by 'fix', I mean really fix it, not restructure it) and the social part takes care of itself.


Is it beginning?

The National Enquirer, a legit newspaper?
The body behind journalism's most prestigious award conceded Thursday that the self-proclaimed tabloid can compete with mainstream news outlets for its prizes. Because it broke the story about former presidential candidate John Edwards's mistress and love child, the Enquirer's staff is eligible for the Pulitzer in two categories: "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting."

There's a category for 'Investigative Reporting'? I've got ... news ... for the MSM: just because you have someone on staff you call an investigative reporter, doesn't mean that's what he does! It would serve the MSM right if the Enquirer did win a Pulitzer ..... shame them into doing their jobs.

I haven't seen real investigative reporting from the MSM in quite a long while.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dead goblin

Some other blogs have what they call the 'dead goblin count', by which they keep track of deaths by self-defence. Here's one more:

A north Harris County man shot a pair of suspected home invaders on Friday, killing one and wounding the other, during a gunbattle outside his house, officials said.


Another look at the Stack Manifesto. Updated!

Vox Day looks at the Stack Manifesto with a decidedly contrarian eye:
The irony is that the more a man genuinely believes in justice and law, the more he truly believes that America is the Land of the Free, the more shattered he is when he is forced to confront the reality that the entire legal system is a facade designed to conceal the complete absence of justice and rule of law in American society.
I've read the Stack Manifesto (thanks, Alan!), and I immediately felt for the guy. If you look at the incoherent whole, then it's pretty out there. But take his points (some of which are not well-explained) individually, and they sound down right reasonable.

Vox tries to explain the bigger picture ...... this was inevitable.

Update: Mike V has this:
Hoskins said he'd gotten a $170,000 offer from someone to pay off the house, but the bank refused, saying they could get more from selling it in foreclosure.
Hoskins told News 5's Courtis Fuller that he issued the bank an ultimatum."I'll tear it down before I let you take it," Hoskins told them.

And that's exactly what Hoskins did..


Friday, February 19, 2010

The alpha-omega

This is how it starts (and ends):
It works like this. The government enacts a stupid policy doomed to failure. When the policy inevitably fails, the government swoops in to fix it by expanding its power. Repeat as needed.
There is no government failure so big that the government will not attempt to use it to expand the scope of its power. Regardless of whether their policies fail or succeed, both results are cited as evidence that more centralized power is required.
Sound familiar?



Joel Stein serves it up, courtesy of the Toyota Prius:
You know why Priuses don't make any noise? Because they'll only talk to other Priuses.
The rest of the article is more of the same.



Enertainment for years!

Someone floats the idea of Barack Obama on the Supreme Court:
It would be unusual, but not difficult, for Obama to get himself on the Supreme Court. He could nominate himself to replace John Paul Stevens, ....

Please, please, oh please, in the name of all that is Good, Holy, and Laughable, appoint yourself!

Not only could we get you out of the presidency (a job for which you've proven yourself incompetent), but we would look forward to you being Scalia's bitch every time you opened your mouth, or put a single work on paper!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing the wealth

David asks that we spread the GRE words:
I love it when a writer ties in enduring principles with illustrations from popular culture. It not only makes for an interesting read, it automatically appeals to a broader readership and makes them receptive to learn more.

He also has Oregon, Oathkeepers and other updates as well.


Talk about the pieces falling into place!

Ed Stone, the Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, has a great open carry story:
Meanwhile, conscientious Cobb County Police Officer D. Lowe had noticed suspicious cars sitting behind the restaurant in the dark and decided to investigate. He caught men with masks and rifles who had been preparing to rob the Wafflehouse. The criminals informed the police that they had changed their mind upon discovering armed customers and were waiting for Matt and J.P. to leave.

Matt and J.P. were the two openly-armed customers inside the Waffle House. The robbery scout saw the two armed men, and the crew thought better about robbing the establishment while they were there.

Open carry advocates have touted the deterrent value of open carry, something we knew intuitively. Now we know that it is indeed the case. It's also interesting that the armed citizens were not targeted for elimination, as is often claimed by open carry critics, even when the robbers knew where they were.


Yeah, it's this bad

How poorly the MSM covered the Dr Phil Jones admissions:
At least CNN brought John Christy on air to talk about it.

It's a small chart ...... make sure you see it!


Now this is interesting

The Greenroom over at Hot Air is the home of a great post about how some Democrats now want to abolish the US Senate:

This crowd of leftists are literally advocating the overthrow of the United States government. Tossing aside thousands of years of human experience and advocating a return to a centralized, authoritarian form of government that can’t work and has never worked.

What these Democrats offer is nothing less than treason.

And of course, the electoral college is slated to die as well.

Here's a tip, Dems - the constitution was put in place exactly because government wants to be out of control.


I've been thinking .....

Sebastian has a post up about the bullshit Lost & Stolen law phenomenon that seems to be sweeping through Pennsylvania. The post quotes a CNN story that details how the law is ineffective and probably unenforceable.

So it got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition!): why can't we, as firearms rights advocates, start engineering court cases to advance our agenda (the way the left does)?

Take, for example, the L&S ordinance. ChamberedRound comments on Sebastian's post that since the ordinance is unenforceable, it can't be challenged, since no one has standing ..... all leading to more and more laws. So why couldn't someone in PA do this:

Go to the police station to report a firearm theft, and do it comfortably outside the statutory time limit (like maybe a week) and demand to be charged with violating the L&S statute. Now the authoritah's have a dilemma - either enforce the law and have it challenged, or don't and be called on your motives for the law in the first place.

In my mind, it's win-win.

And maybe this could be writ larger, maybe with FFA's?! Done intelligently, with coordination with the heavyweight's in the 2A legal sphere (I'm talking to you, Alan Gura!)?

In the big scheme if things, yes, we're winning ..... why not ratchet the pressure up significantly?


What they think about us

Protein Wisdom has a good post up, referencing Michael Bellisiles, Clayton Cramer, and what they think of us:
I suspect that Bellesiles and his fellow professors think of the NRA as a small number of educated conmen in Fairfax, Virginia, leading an organization of four million guys in flannel named Billy Bob. A recurring theme of gun control advocates is that we are a bunch of toothless rednecks who marry our sisters.

Go read the pw piece, or go here for the original Cramer post.


JPFO Alert

Criminals in blue.

(pm note-this alert is the post by Mike V mentioned yesterday, plus a video)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vox clearly has no use for Apple!

He points out yet more reason to shun Apple products:
There is a sound logical reason for treating users like cretinous children and refusing to let them make their own decisions. And one can clearly make a great deal of money if that technofascistic attitude is combined with keen vision and great design talent. And yet, that doesn't make it right.

I will admit that I am currently using an iTouch instead of an MP3 player and a separate PDA, but I hate every second of having to hook up to my wife's PC to get anything done with it.

I'm looking at you, Alan!


Who is your friend?

Here's a post by Mike at Sispey Street, that I think we should all read:

But first and foremost you must quit looking at and treating the law-abiding armed citizenry of the United States as the enemy. For if you don’t, we certainly will be.

Obviously, I pulled this quote out because it's a bit incendiary ...... read the post to see how we get there.

Not to belabor the points, I happen to be pessimistic about where the country's going - financially and politically. If you get your news from the MSM, then your head is most likely in the sand about the financial part.

But I don't get my news from the MSM, I get my news from alternative sources, and what I see scares me. The financial situation, I believe, is much worse than anyone will admit (because they think they can fix it, eventually), and the political view is even worse. Now, I'm pretty sure I'll be ok in the long term, but the short term is the problem.

The things that Mike points out in his post are things that a certain segment of the population is thinking hard about, and preparing for. This segment is not crazy. Much like most individuals who carry a firearm for self-defense, they are merely being pragmatic about what they perceive as the reality of the day, and the potential it holds. Far from crazy, they are thoughtful, purposeful, and willing to act.

These individuals believe that some sort of conflict is likely in the foreseeable future, but they are committed not to be the catalyst (because they have a constrained view).

No Ft Sumpter's. That's the commitment not to act.

No more free Waco's. That's the commitment to act.

It's more of a promise than a threat, and it's conditional on another's action - if you don't start none, won't be none.

But if you do start something, be prepared for the consequences, for you will reap what you've sown.



Yesterday and this morning, ABC's Good Morning America has been touting one of the UAH professors involved in the Bishop Liberal Massacre as a hero. Debra Moriarity was targeted for death as Dr Amy Bishop ignored her pleas to spare her life, but escaped because the weapon either was out of ammo, or mis-fired.

Then Moriarity and her fellows rushed Bishop out of the conference room, and then barricaded the door.

Hero's, right?


This is just another example of the liberal cowardice that is rampant today. Instead of doing the right thing and disarming Bishop, they simply wanted her away from themselves. They didn't give a fuck who she killed next, as long as it wasn't ...... them.

Let me interview these cowardly fucks. You can be assured they won't come off as hero's when I'm through.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jumping on .......

Already blogged on the 'sphere, this invitation for Michael Bloomberg to stay the fuck in NY:
West Virginia has a message for Michael Bloomberg: Don't come 'round here to buy our guns.

WV wants to make it a felony to attempt a straw purchase just to get someone to sell a firearm (otherwise known as 'entrap').

Wouldn't it be just delicious to see Mr Bloomberg arrested at one of his 'Oh God, teh gunz, teh gunz!' news conferences?

Yeah, I think it would.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Powerful words ....

Breda has a post that, to me, helps separate the citizens from the subjects:
Do not presume that we will be waiting passively for someone else to save us.

Every woman who learns to use a firearm in self-defense changes the world...because the only way to stop violence against women is to make it a very, very risky endeavor.



Shaffer FTW!

This has been on he 'tubez a couple of days, I'm just now getting to it:
King County Superior Court Judge Catherine Shaffer on Friday ruled ... the city of Seattle's gun ban at public places is in direct violation of Washington state's firearm pre-emption law.

Pesky local pols .....

You can rest assured that someone will introduce a bill to allow cities to opt-out (like TN did). Just hope it dies a most richly-deserved death.


How much do we know about firearms?

I was at Sunday dinner (held every week at my wifes' grandmother's house-rural) yesterday, walking the dog. It was snowing, and I wasn't really paying attention when I heard what sounded like a woodpecker, but more ...... insistent. I perked my ears and listened ... there it was again, only this time I recognized it: submachine gun! Someone was blowing through some ammo as fast as they could change mags! Then as fast as they could load the mags!

I had to chuckle ...... I wondered how many people were wetting their pants.

Any way, I told wife's uncle to listen and he heard it, too. But then he said something that kinda surprised me.

'I thought those were illegal.'

Now, I'm nowhere near the most knowledgable guy on firearms around, but I have to wonder how much of a secret it is that you can indeed own full auto weapons. And bazookas ...... and howitzers ...... and grenades.

Just takes that majik $200 tax stamp.

So, just how secret is Class III knowledge?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another UAH shooter update

David has a good Gun Rights Examiner, following up on Amy Bishop, and her enablers:

And here's one other revelation about Bishop, from The New York Times:

After she left the room, the police said, she dumped the gun — for which she did not have a permit — in a second-floor bathroom.

So not only did she ignore the campus gun ban, she didn't let Alabama carry laws stop her either?

And then we're supposed to believe the solution to preventing this is even more "gun control"?
Did you get that? Criminals ignore the law .......



Is this really a tragedy? Updated!

Update I - Repeat offender?

Update II - Rep Delahunt (D-MA) involved in 1986?!

Well, you have to say yes; anytime 3 innocents are killed, it qualifies:

A biology professor at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus was charged with murder Friday in the shooting deaths of three fellow biology professors at the campus.

Authorities say Amy Bishop, an instructor and researcher at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus, opened fire during an afternoon faculty meeting, killing the three and injuring three other school employees. Ms. Bishop has been charged with one count of capital murder, which means she could face the death penalty if convicted.

Ms. Bishop was taken Friday night in handcuffs from a police precinct to the county jail and could be heard saying, ``It didn't happen. There's no way .... they are still alive.''

All because she wasn't granted tenure. Even after developing cell-generation technology and having a Harvard PhD.

When you hear a liberal say that they don't know if firearm owners can rein in their emotions, they really mean that they can't control themselves.

And they want to control you to make up for their inadequacies.


Predictions ......

The UAH murders will prompt the usual bigots to start spouting off about waiting periods again.

Waiting periods won't help a thing .... they'll only delay the inevitable eruption.


Oldie, but a goodie.

Here's an older Dave Kopel column that Liston Matthews found for me:
Decades ago, Israel adopted a policy that swiftly ended terrorist attacks against schools. Earlier this year, Thailand adopted a similar approach. It is politically incorrect, but it does have the advantage of saving the lives of children and teachers. The policy? Encourage teachers to carry firearms.

Wow ..... never thought about that?! Read the whole thing.

That our presumed 'leaders' actually believe that someone intent on criminal action is going to honor a No Guns sign is just another sign that our leaders need to be replaced.


New Gun Rights Examiner

Liston Matthews, the new Knoxville Gun Rights Examiner - here's his latest:

Yesterday about this time, Principal Elisa Luna and assistant principal Amy Brace were shot on campus at Inskip Elementary School in Knoxville. Their alleged assailant was a fourth grade teacher, Mark Stephen Foster, 48, of Clinton.

Inskip Elementary, like all schools in Tennessee is a Gun Free Zone (GFZ). Well meaning but hoplophobic legislators and administrators have banned guns in these areas as a safety measure for the children. Unfortunately, there can be unintended consequences to any action.

He has some great ideas .... read them!


Friday, February 12, 2010

There's this meme .....

... that's going around teh interwebz, and it appears that Uncle started it:
The commercial should have ended with a guy in a big ass Ford Earthfuckertm that gets 5 miles per gallon with seats made from baby seals blowing past the roadblock billowing smoke.

Ah, yes ...... the Ford Earthfucker® - the next vehicle up from the Expedition. You can see it here!


JPFO Alert

The UN Global Gun Ban treaty is closer than you think.

More Awesomeness!

I posted about this a while back, but it seems the idea now works:
Last night off the coast of California, history was made as the Airborne Laser (ABL) successfully detected, tracked, and destroyed a boosting ballistic missile for the first time.

So now Mr Stiffy's happy ...... too bad Obama's already shot this down, metaphorically speaking. h/t Ace


Another brick in the wall ...

Vox Day has this on the newer state of the UK:
In both cases, the hapless citizen is dragged from his bed by the police in the middle of the night. But at least in today's Britain, the citizen is only subject to a stern lecture. For now, anyhow.

I suppose if a homeowner threw a rock at the 'burglars', they'd most likely be prosecuted.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Apparently, no one!

Three security guards in Seattle watch as a teen is beaten:
It shows the graphic beating of a teenage girl in Seattle's Metro bus tunnel, while uniformed security guards simply look on.

Watch ..... and weep for our society.


Who is responsible for your safety?

That's kinda harsh, but Breda has the post:

But as she lay dying, those sworn to protect and to serve used deadly force only to defend themselves.

Carry your gun.

Because your gun is a lighter burden than regret.

Robb Allen expands on the thought.


I don't know any other way ....

... than to just link to Robb's post.

It's a good one.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double Unpossible?

Uncle has the latest about another unpossibility:
It’s illegal to have a gun at a school
And to carry without a permit.

It's like, up is down ..... or something.


'Only Ones' strike again

This time, violations of the National Firearms Act of 1934:
Tell you what, guys--you'll all sign a similar letter and make the same case for Wayne Fincher and David Olofson, right?

Or is the "crime" somehow mitigated when the perpetrator is an enforcer who would happily arrest a non-"Only One" for any kind of "gun offense"?

David has more, as does Kurt.


Forgotten deeds

No more. Awarded 65 years late:
Straddling an open bomb bay at 20,000 feet over Germany and swinging a short-handled fire ax to dislodge a live 250-pound, high-explosive bomb -- another heart-stopping day at the office for 19-year-old B17 tail gunner Louis Stamatakos.

He'll be awarded the Silver Star later this month.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now this is funny!

Found over at Uncle's site.

'Concealable' weapons!


Maybe it's not as bad as I thought.

Via Mike V, this post about the Gatso's in the UK:

Speed cameras often become victims of vandalism from disapproving motorists who see them as government money making schemes. Vandalism includes ramming with vehicles, or more commonly burning with petrol filled rubber tyres. There have been dozens of documented cases of speed cameras being disabled across the UK. -- Wikipedia

Here's the site that documents the 'vandalism'.

Maybe all the Brits need is a couple of more pushes and they'll get back on track.


JPFO Alert

More comments on NRA's behavior in McDonald.

Seen around town

Miss me yet, indeed!

Of course, it's NPR trying to find out who paid for it.


Monday, February 8, 2010

This needs exposure!

Saw this on Sebastians site - he links to a post where a LEO advocates shooting armed citizens:
Sounds like you had someone practicing their 2nd amendment rights last night! Should’ve pulled out the AR and prone them all out! And if one of them made a furtive movement… 2 weeks off!!!

The post has contact information as well, just in case you need it.

The officer did this on Facebook, and of course, his account is now deleted.


Library bleg

Breda (Queen Reference Librarian, All Hail!) recently donated an Eddie Eagle DVD to her library, and looked for other firearms-related books. In the comments, lots of suggestions to donate books to the library.

What 5 books would you donate? Or would you donate magazine subscriptions?


Safety, or revenue-generation?!

I saw this on WND, and because it's in my area (sorta) I perked up a bit. Then I read it!
A statement from the city manager's office said, "The city of Cleveland is in a contract with Traffipax, Inc. for an automated traffic light enforcement system (red light cameras). The red light camera program has demonstrated safety as well as a decrease in accidents per statistics shown below:

Some poorly-formatted statistics follow, but show a pretty significant decease in accidents at the automated locations.

It's the letter from Traffipax that tells the story:
"On Feb. 1 the city received a letter from Traffipax, Inc., requesting the removal of cameras at each location. Therefore, the red light cameras will be decommissioned by March 31, 2010."

Hmmmm ..... very interesting! It's not that they're not making enough money, is it?


Remember, in a pissing contest .....

you're only going to get wet! Just to stay honest, this from WND is an example of a permit-holder who allegedly drew his firearm on two US Marshals:

A respected domestic violence and anger management counselor in Fairfax County was arraigned in federal court Thursday after he allegedly pulled a gun on two men who he believed were blocking his car on an Annandale street last week.

The two men were federal marshals.

It's interesting that he's being held without bond ..... if the two officers weren't officers, would that be true?

Also, Mr Avila contends that he only pointed a cell phone at the officers; I'll also note that according to information I found on the intertubez, the Astra wasn't loaded to capacity.

Wonder who will win?


I thought you said The O wouldn't take our guns?

This story has been floating around for a while, I'm just now getting around to commenting on it:

In a video posted on the website for the National Rifle Association, Bolton said, "I think it was clear from the outset that the Obama administration would move in this direction. The only thing that's surprising is that it's taken this long."

He said the presentations have portrayed the "Small Arms Treaty" as something to address international arms trade. "But there's no doubt that the real agenda is domestic firearms control," he said.

This is pretty important, because a law banning personal arms would be unconstitutional, but a treaty that does the same thing might pass muster (here's an interesting article). It's unclear what will happen; there are adamant voices on both sides of the argument.

Also in the favor of firearms rights is that a treaty requires 67 votes for ratification, votes that Obama doesn't have.

But call your senators anyway!


The 'headline' read .....

Top reason Al Qaeda won't attack Knob Creek (h/t Ace):

Something to start your day!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Media reporting bleg

If you'll remember, recent email conversations with a local tv news director revealed that his station is at least taking pro-active approach, trying to get his staff edumacated about firearms.

My bleg: What questions would you ask if you were researching a story? You can delineate between witnesses and authorities, but what would you ask?!

Oh yeah, what, to you, defines 'high-powered'?



WND has this article on some pro-active movement on right-to-carry issues:
Gun Owners of America, in partnership with the Second Amendment March and the New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense, are hoping their new "Right to Carry Road Show" will soon spread nationwide to assist gun owners and send a message of defiance to gun control advocates who push to bog down applications in endless red tape.

They're helping you to get a Florida Non-resident permit, by coming to where you are.

When you go to their web page, you'll notice that there are no events scheduled currently, but at least there's an organization dedicated to going around those 'petty bureaucrats' to get your carry rights.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Take a listen

A good, catchy tune ....... h/t Ace:


Heh, it's happened!

As I mentioned here, someone's asking the pointy questions:

The US transportation chief's public rebukes of Toyota's handling of a massive safety recall have raised eyebrows, given the US government's major stake in rivals General Motors and Chrysler.

"The optics are terrible because -- and this is what happens when a government owns a company - the two companies that are going to gain the most out of this are General Motors and Chrysler," said Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland's business school.

How much longer will Obama be able to pull off his relentless march to a socialist Utopia?


They're at it again

Seems like after the case of the 2-inch machine gun, New York schools are doubling down on teh stoopid:
A 12-year-old Queens girl was hauled out of school in handcuffs for an artless offense - doodling her name on her desk in erasable marker, the Daily News has learned.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What does 'security' mean?

A long time ago (a really long time!), I wrote letters to the editor of my hometown paper about gunny things and such. One of the letters was a 'fisking' of the second amendment.

But I am moved today to talk about one of the glaring (to me) errors in the arguments about the preface clause of the 2nd 'A well-regulated militia being necessary t tohe security of a free state'.

I am a firearms rights absolutist; I believe the founders meant what they wrote, and wrote what they meant. 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'

The right of the people ....... to keep and bear arms ......

shall not be infringed.

Sounds pretty simple to me. But that pesky first phrase about militias ..... doesn't that mean the military? I looked up the definition of the words at the time they were written (I think it was the Old Oxford Dictionary at the library), and I came up with the definition that I like (surprise!), but I'm apparently in good company. But the word 'security' ...... that seems out of place if you contend a military aspect to the 2nd amendment.

Because militias, used in the military context, can't provide security unless they're bearing arms all the time. Now defense ...... now there's a normal use of the militia, right? But the problem is, you only need defense when you're being attacked.

Security is 24/7/365.

The security of a free state ..... police officers provide security, don't they? Aren't they always armed while they're providing security? Think about any security guard you can think of ...... aren't most of them armed? If they're not, they can't really provide much security now, can they!

Security guards - armed. Police officers - armed. FBI - armed. Secret Service - armed.

Security - arms. Arms = security.


So a well regulated militia (the whole people of a state) being necessary to the security (24/7) of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I'm not a lawyer, nor have I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express lately ...... I think the founders were simply being clear about what they meant.

Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.


More spreading the wealth

At David's request, here's another Gun Rights Examiner column:
Is there a dark and violent side to former senator and democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards? Two recent reports make that disturbing case.

Read the whole thing.


Sharing the wealth

David has another Gun Rights column he would like to get exposure, and I'm happy to oblige:

A hate group masquerading as a civil rights organization continues to spread a message of intolerance and bigotry. Here's the latest from the seething haters at the Southern Poverty Law Center ....

If you don't think your firearm rights are under assault, you're not paying attention.


This is one way ....

I saw this on 2 or 3 blogs yesterday, but it's a missive on how badly the drug war/police/justice system is today:

Last week I was a juror in the trial of a man accused of selling a $10 bag of heroin to an undercover police officer. At the end of the two days of testimony, I concluded that the defendant was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I also concluded that he should be acquitted. In my mind, it came down to a simple, unsettling question: Is it worse to let a drug dealer go free, or to reward the police for lying under oath?

The case turned out almost perfectly; hung jury, and the prosecutor declined to refile charges.

And it's interesting that most judges these days won't let anyone even mention jury nullification; it's the best way to get out of the pool.


Law enforcement backdoor? What could go wrong?!

Police would like to have a national backdoor to your private data .... you know, to help them with legitimate police work:
But cybercrime investigators are frustrated by the speed of traditional methods of faxing, mailing, or e-mailing companies these documents. They're pushing for the creation of a national Web interface linking police computers with those of Internet and e-mail providers so requests can be sent and received electronically.

I can think of lots of reasons that this would be a Bad Idea.

I'm sure David could come up with several more.


Sharing the wealth

A couple of Examiner columns to share.

The first is from the Atlanta Civil Rights Examiner about Arizona's proposed abolishing of permit requirements for concealed carry.

Then David Codrea has more on the Austin Gun Show controversy.

Go. Read.


JPFO Alert

NRA under gun owner scrutiny.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So jihadi's deserve criminal rights why?

Ace has this post about a couple of things (one of which is down right now), but this story of a prison guard tells it all:

About halfway through, they used a comb — thick and long, about 10 inches, with a handle. They'd taken the teeth out and sharpened it like a knife.

They put it in my left eye. It went three inches into my brain.

'They' were Mamdouh Mahmud Salim and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed, accused of bombing two embassies in Africa.

Read the whole thing .... really.

'They', and all of 'them' need to be thrown, bound at the hands and feet, into a wild hog pen. The festivities need to be filmed.

Then sent to Al Jazeera.

They probably won't like us then ....... fuck 'em.


Conflict of interest?

Isn't this convenient, that they're 'doing something' about a competitor:

"Our ... people will hold Toyota's (TM) feet to the fire to make sure they are going to do everything they said they were going to do to make the vehicles safe," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said at an appearance in Washington.

I wonder if their people would do the same with a company who owed them several billion dollars?

Just as Obama's refusal to release college transcripts leads one to wonder if he's not an 'affirmative action' graduate, so does any action that's against an auto manufacturer who's not GM or Chrysler will be looked at as suspect.

At least, it should.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About the Scott Roeder conviction

First off, I want to make clear that I am against abortion, both on religious grounds as well as human rights grounds. It is my opinion that abortion should be allowed only in cases of rape or incest, and that the abortion should be accompanied by investigative action on the part of authorities.

That said, I was interested in a thread I saw on Ace of Spades, that was about the conviction, and an earlier one discussing the folly (or not) of allowing the 'necessity' defense.

I thought the judge was correct in allowing the defense, and I thought that Roeder should have pursued that defense anyhow (since I know where he's coming from). I also think that Roeder should also appeal, since the judge (I have since found out) did not allow Roeder to actually put on a 'necessity' defense.

I have been following the drama in Kansas for a while now, beginning with then Attorney General Phill Kline's attempt to prosecute George Tiller for performing illegal abortions. Tiller was essentially accused of violating a provision of Kansas law stating that late-term abortions could be performed, but only with the concurrence of a doctor who is not affiliated with the abortion doctor.

Tiller was using the same concuring doctor, one who had financial ties to Tiller. It was this relationship that Kline was trying to prosecute. Bad thing was, Kline was trying to win reelection and having a particularly bad time with it. I'll spare you the political details, but essentially, Kathleen Sebelius pulled out all the stops to get Kline replaced by someone more .... compliant (Jack Cashill has more). Kline's replacement ended the prosecution of Tiller that Kline had worked so hard to effect.

So now, we come to Scott Roeder's defense. The evidence that Tiller was performing abortions in violation of state law might have won a conviction, had it been allowed to proceed ..... but it wasn't. So now we can reasonably assume that Roeder concludes that going the 'legal' route to stop Tiller is doomed to failure. What is left?

Someone, maybe a lot of someones, thought that Tiller needed to be stopped; someones who had the authority to prosecute Tiller. But those who had authority to do this were stopped.

It's my opinion that Roeder, logically, did the only thing left available to him (or to anyone faced with the realization that the laws will not be enforced). He shot and killed George Tiller.

The judge allowed Roeder to mount a 'necessity' defense, but when his lawyers tried to call Phill Kline to testify, the judge said no.

Just so I have this straight, the judge says "Yes, you can put on a 'necessity' defense", but then won't allow you to call the witnesses who can testify to your 'necessity'?

The legal system (which has nothing, apparently, to do with justice) has gone stark raving mad.


PS - don't try to change my mind; it can't be done! :-)

Common sense gun laws? Indeed!

Alan at Snarkybytes has a tongue-in-cheek (but very accurate!) look at how much common sense some gun laws make:

For instance, if the barrel on my shotgun is over 18 inches it’s legal. If it’s 17 3/4 inches long I could face 10 years in jail. That makes no sense.

And it goes on and on and on .......

I've heard that the ATF tried to snag a citizen for a short-barreled shotgun by measuring the barrel with a 3" magnum shell, when the shotgun wasn't chambered for but 2-3/4". Fortunately, the jury saw the error of ATF's ways.

The most common sense gun law I know is: Don't make gun laws period!

I know, wishful thinking!


Too much time on my hands ......

That's what the government on Ballard, WA have - someone cut down an exceptional tree:

Now, the city's Planning Department is after the homeowner for removing 80 years of history because it was protected under the "exceptional tree ordinance.

It was a monkey puzzle tree? Never heard of 'em.

One of these days, the citizenry will finally get tired of these busy-bodies and take matters into their own hands.

Tar, feathers ...... some assembly required.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on today's JPFO alert

I read with interest the latest JPFO alert, in which Kirby Ferris goes over just how shitty Paul Clement is on the second amendment (how on earth does NRA employ him?).

I just scanned through his part of the oral arguments, and I didn't see much a all that would endear him to 2A advocates.

So the question is begged again: Does the NRA really want gun control to die?


JPFO Alert

Does the NRA really want "gun control" to die?

Monday, February 1, 2010

More 'democracy' crap

From Ace's overnight thread comes this misguided effort to 'equalize' the electoral college:

The electoral college is a time-honored system that has only broken down three times in over 200 years. However, it's obvious that reforms are needed. The organization of the states should be altered.

So they think the electoral college 'broke' three times? What they mean is, three times we didn't get the result we wanted, so we'll change the rules of the game.

The constitution is essentially counter-majoritarian; even if the majority wants to keep you from speaking, or wants to arbitarily violate your privacy, or take your weapons, the constitution is (supposed to be) there to say ' No you can't'.

When the electoral college 'broke', it actually worked exactly as it was intended; to thwart the will of the majority. One of the great blunders that Americans have made was the ratification of the 17th amendment, providing for the direct election of US senators. That amendment reduced one of the checks and balances down to nothing; namely, the influence of the states in legislation. This is why spending must originate in the House, then the Senate must approve it. The states were to provide the 'statesmanship' to temper what the masses (citizens) wanted.

The Left has endeavored for a long time to make our government more 'democratic' so that they can get more and more power by promising more and more benefits paid for by government.


Hey, I'm fixin to pee!

Stolen from Ace is this picture of the most awesomest puppy around!