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Monday, February 8, 2010

Safety, or revenue-generation?!

I saw this on WND, and because it's in my area (sorta) I perked up a bit. Then I read it!
A statement from the city manager's office said, "The city of Cleveland is in a contract with Traffipax, Inc. for an automated traffic light enforcement system (red light cameras). The red light camera program has demonstrated safety as well as a decrease in accidents per statistics shown below:

Some poorly-formatted statistics follow, but show a pretty significant decease in accidents at the automated locations.

It's the letter from Traffipax that tells the story:
"On Feb. 1 the city received a letter from Traffipax, Inc., requesting the removal of cameras at each location. Therefore, the red light cameras will be decommissioned by March 31, 2010."

Hmmmm ..... very interesting! It's not that they're not making enough money, is it?


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