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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Journaling post.

Last night, the wife and I were discussing some carry issues. I have a permit to carry (it gives me a couple of other benefits), and I have been carrying for about a month .... around the house, the yard ..... on the few errands I run. My wife told me a few days ago about some thievery going on in our immediate area. We live in a rural area, and most of the problems have been of the I-left-my-weedeater-out-and-someone-got-it variety, but some have been broad daylight break-ins. We've also been warned about dogs ...... we've seen a couple, but nothing that's presented a problem so far. Still, I'm wary, especially when I take our 5-year old out to play.

So my wife's telling me all this, and I mention that I've been carrying ..... she was NOT happy. I'll admit that my communication skills are not the best, not to mention the problems I have with The Affliction (we're seeing a therapist for that ...... she recommended journaling), and this isn't the first time we've had disagreements about firearms. I didn't tell her that I had ordered my FAL, and though I seem to remember telling her I was looking for a handgun, I didn't specifically tell her that I'd found one.

Now, the males in the audience will note that I bought a handgun, and obtained a concealed carry permit ............... hmmmmmm, I wonder what he's got planned?!

Now I'll readily admit that my wife is much smarter than I am, but even though she's a girl, I figgered she'd understand what I intended. And this is not the first time in my life I've carried ..... I carried (illegally) in TN as a restaurant manager, taking deposits to the bank. At one point in my life, I held a federal firearms license (FFL). The therapist (I'll call her The Lesser Spirit, or TLS) has noted that as a former Marine, I'm wired this way, and that I probably have legitimate concerns, both in the specific and the general. And I've tried to follow her suggestions ........

So why do I still feel persecuted?


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