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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The affliction ......

Ah, The Affliction ........ so we come to it at last.

I have Multiple Sclerosis.

See, that wasn't so bad. I was diagnosed a little over two years ago. The symptoms that caused the diagnosis: had a sudden numbness in my left arm left side, and down the left leg. Emergency room visit ruled out a heart attack or stroke. An MRI, lumbar puncture, and a neurology visit confirmed it .... MS.

And now, since I've been laid off, the job prospects look slim. I've taken a couple of neurological exams, including one for social security benefits ..... not sure what deficiencies they show, but I know there are some. Right now, my left arm and hand just aren't right. Can't 'feel' things, but I'm more sensitive to pain ... go figure. Balance is affected, gait has been affected. Fatigue issues .... heat makes it worse, so this time of year is the worst.

But the really annoying thing the cognitive deficiency. I have ephasia, pretty bad. I can think things through reasonably well, just can't get them out of my brain through my mouth. I have noticed a lessened ability to think critically; that's why I follow a couple of the blogs I do (for the practice). My therapist (TLS) says that even though I feel the deficiencies, I'm waaaaaaaay ahead of the average Joe, so that's something to keep in mind.

If you follow this blog (anyone?!) you may notice that my posts seem to incomplete, or ramble ...... it's probably the MS talking.

And no need for sympathy .... it is what it is. I'm dealing with it.



Sean D Sorrentino said...

Oh, I had wondered what caused you to be not working when I met you at the LuckyGunner shoot, but I was not nosey enough to ask.

You're right, no sympathy. Good for you.

The Packetman said...


Thanks for the shout out - I find it hard to let folks know what my major malfunction is (besides being a former Marine!) without sounding ... whiny!