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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Support your county sheriff

Mike V brings us a look at a sheriff who wants to 'devolve' law enforcement back to peacekeeping. A tasty bit:

Now if we add to this line of reasoning the fact that US Federal and State courts have consistently ruled police powers (such as the usual law enforcement, fire protection or other public safety duties) are a Reserved power of the states, basing their argument on the 10th Amendment, one is left with this finding: state and local police powers are vested by the people in state and local law enforcement, and such power remains with the states and the people as a part of the checks and balances set in place by the Founding Fathers to curtail usurpation of power by the federal government. If you add to this reasoning the fact that your County Sheriff is the only law enforcement officer elected through the Constitutionally-defined process of a General Election, you will come to this inescapable conclusion: The County Sheriff, as the direct representative of the people, having sworn an oath to support the Constitution and vested by the people with the authority to enforce law and keep the peace, exercises a level of authority second to only one other group – the people themselves. The federal government exercises no authority over them whatsoever. On the contrary, it is the duty of the County Sheriff to allow or refuse to permit federal activities within his jurisdiction based on the constitutionality of such actions, because his primary purpose is to defend the people’s rights and keep the peace.

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