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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Only Ones incident?

The crime the man was shot over?


Police said an officer was on patrol when he spotted a man sitting on the sidewalk, whittling, and approached him.

The officer told the man to drop the knife several times, police said, but instead of doing so, he stood up. When the man refused to heed to his commands, the officer opened fire and hit the man.

I haven't whittled in a long time, but it is a time-honored way of passing the time.

However, it's disconcerting that the officer saw the man and immediately ordered him to disarm, when he had done nothing wrong.

Again, I understand the concept of 'officer safety', but look ..... you're a police officer. You wanted the job. You knew you would have to be around criminals. If' you're so concerned about your own safety that you would shoot a man who was minding his own fucking business, you need to find another job!

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