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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow. It seems ...

... that Akins might be right after all:

A 1988 textbook, the second edition of “Human Sex and Sexuality” by Edwin B. Steen and James H. Price, estimates a 2 percent pregnancy rate. A 2012 textbook, “Comprehensive Gynecology,” 6th edition, gives an estimate of between 2 percent and 5 percent and states that “in the experience of most sexual assault centers, the chance of pregnancy occurring is quite low.” Estimates depend on flawed methods, with inevitable biases. An experiment to give an accurate figure is, of course, impossible. And does the estimate really matter to the woman who has been raped? Either she gets pregnant, or she doesn’t.

Textbooks?! You mean schools are teaching this shit?

This is exactly what I thought that Rep Akin meant, but said poorly. His comment about 'legitimate' rape should have been 'forcible' rape ... the legitimate was intended to discount all false reports of rape.

But, as the linked article goes on to state, the problem with obtaining better data is that the issue is so politically charged and it's hard to get truthful compliance.

And that's sad that the issue is holy writ to the Left and that they will shout down any effort to refine the data if there's any possibility that their dogma might be challenged.


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