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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This ...

... is worth reading:

Gibson’s agreement to pay $350,000 to settle with the Department of Justice over alleged Lacey Act violations prompted a flood of press releases from environmental groups, lawmakers, and U.S. wood manufacturers. In unison, they hailed the settlement as a win for the world’s forests, a blow against slave labor, a victory for American jobs, and a triumph of diligent law enforcement. The actual settlement agreement, jointly signed by Justice officials and the Gibson legal team, paints a far different picture. Presenting a set of facts both sides agree on, it depicts overzealous and poorly informed enforcement officials in hot pursuit of a company that was trying in good faith to comply with contradictory foreign statutes. It also inadvertently sums up all that is wrong with the Lacey Act provision that holds U.S. firms criminally liable for violations of foreign laws.

Of course, we'll be the only ones to understand the truth. It's criminal what the government does at the behest of environmental groups. h/t Eapen Thampy for Radley

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Old NFO said...

AND they ONLY went after Gibson (Repubilcan owned)... The other guitar manufacturers are all owned by Democrats... Interesting!