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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Police, more and more ...

... are not there to help you:

A Port Orange police officer asked a woman to show him how her husband tried to strangle her and when the woman put two fingers on the policeman's neck, she got arrested, records show.

Officer Michael Garay, responding to a domestic disturbance, charged Claudia Ambroziak, 58, with battery on a law enforcement officer, although he asked the woman for the demonstration, police reports state.

So, if an officer asks you to demonstrate you're putting yourself at risk of being arrested.

That sounds about right.

Keep in mind that I'm glad I live where I live, and most of the officers in my community are from here, grew up here and everyone knows who they are ... this stuff doesn't happen here.

Those of you who live in urban areas ... well, good luck. h/t Radley


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