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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This one from Hot Air ...

... inadvertently shows why the GOP will always lose:
Take, take, take, wind industry — I have few doubts that what started as a five year exemption will be extended, and then extended another time after that, and another after that…
The exemption in question is the one granted to wind turbine companies which gives them a free pass when protected birds are killed by the spinning turbine blades, and it's up for renewal.

Now, if Republicans try to stop the exemption, they'll be tarred as being against clean energy and not caring about granny having electricity to run her vaporizer ... and they'll cave.

But Republicans won't even consider labelling Democrats as eagle-killers and not caring about endangered species. Nor would they consider agreeing with any conservation organizations who are against the wanton slaying of protected birds. Imagine the press release that the WWF or the Sierra Club would release naming the GOP as their friend in the fight to Save the Birds!

But no, the exemption will be extended ... because the GOP are wimps.


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