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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I know Sebastian doesn't think much of these laws ...

... but the devil is certainly there:
Now the MSSA is preparing an appeal to the Supreme Court with the hope of convincing the court to overturn its previous decisions. The implications of a favorable ruling in this case reach far beyond the ability of individuals to avoid $200 tax stamps with 80% lowers and homemade suppressors. It will affect every aspect of federal regulation, business, and state legislation.
And it would.

If precedent is established that the states have the sole power to regulate purely state-intended commerce (that is, non-interstate commerce),then a whole system of federal regulation is in danger.

Which is why, after Scalia shut Alan gura down with his crazy-talk about Priveledges and Immunities in McDonald, cert will either not be granted or it will lose. Can't be following the constitution now, can we?


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Good point! Thanks!