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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just saw this ...

... while checking my feeds:
On August 22, 1992, Dale was an HRT Operator tasked to a mission in which he found himself facing armed adversaries. His thoughts were not only on the situation at hand, but the tragic death of a child and a U.S. Marshal. During this type of confrontation when people die, you don’t have the ability to pick sides, they are drawn before you arrive. Dale did what he was trained to do as a sniper / observer. He was fortunate not to have to take a life at this engagement. Special Agent Horiuchi made the regrettable shot, a mistake for which he will never be forgiven. Of the FBI Agents assigned to the Ruby Ridge tragedy, Dale has been one of the most outspoken. He has delivered dozens of presentations to more than 1000 civilians titled “Mistakes and Lessons of Ruby Ridge”.
This is a statement by Steve Troy, who owns Troy Industries and who has hired Lon Horiuchi's spotter/sniper Dale Monroe. During the congressional hearings of Ruby Ridge, Monroe defended Horiuchi and stated that he was ready to take the same shot.

Has no one heard about H-S Precision?


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Old NFO said...

Lots of people have heard, but apparently Troy thinks he's going to slip one by us... NOT!