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Monday, September 30, 2013

Prof Jacobson reposts a fine article ...

... on sitting down in the snow:

Conservatives face a choice. Yield to “progressive” policies which, once implemented will take a generation to undo, or stand on principles of free enterprise, individual liberty, and capitalism? Giving in is much easier, but in the long run more costly. We can learn a lot about the power of standing on principle from Anatoly Sharansky ….
Sharansky sat down in the snow after the Soviets, who had just released him from 10 years of prison, had taken his cherished book of Psalms as they were leading him on the tarmac to the plane that would take him to freedom.

He wanted his book back.

They gave it to him.

WHY are rank-and-file Republicans not demanding that the elected GOP start actually acting like conservatives? Considering the GOP caves at every opportunity against those that are in opposition to them, is it not reasonable that they might be pursuaded to conform when they are in opposition to those who elected them in the first place?


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