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Monday, January 28, 2013

This is evidence ...

... that at least someone wants to take the gloves off:

The club’s Morristown shooting range is no longer allowing the police department to train there because its executive board feels the city council is infringing on Second Amendment freedoms.

The Burlington City Council voted 10-3 earlier this month to direct its charter change committee to draft a ban on assault-type firearms and large-capacity magazines. The measure would reach voters by March 2014 at the earliest. It would require approval by the Vermont Legislature.
I think that someone should start marketing targets that feature LEO in SWAT gear and a text bubble that says "I'm here for your guns", just so everyone knows what we're talking about.

And if I were in a club that banned modern sporting rifles or human-shaped targets, I'd resign and make sure that everyone knew why.

Look, I'm as respectful of LE as the next guy*, but if I see a band of LE coming up my porch after the government starts a confiscation scheme, that's when the FAL comes out with no questions asked.

I'll hate every pull of the trigger, but pull it I will.


*I've got friends in local and federal law enforcement - most of them know to stay away in case of confiscation attempts.

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Old NFO said...

It's going to be interesting... Just sayin...