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Monday, January 14, 2013

A coup, you say?

What should we do about it?

I’ll say this again,  and in all seriousness:  this is a coup.  We are living through an attempted coup — the result of a New Left strategy that relies less on ostensible violence than it does on the long march through the institutions, and now the concerted funding source to destroy the remains of free market capitalism.  And make no mistake:  many of those giant pro-market industries that will come under attack will switch positions and join the crony capitalist cabal that allows the left to maintain the appearance of a “capitalist” economy even as what they are institutionalizing is liberal fascism, to be imposed on largely disarmed subjects, who are to be molested through the tax code, the regulatory code, and by the hamstringing of their natural rights, which tyrannical men will claim to lord over and reform as privilege.
Jeff is hard to read sometimes, but he's worth all of the concentration required.

I also think it's a bit amusing that more and more 'mainstream' thinkers are coming around to the reality that we just might have to start shooting. Got ammo?


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Old NFO said...

Interesting post, thanks! I have 'enough'...