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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Raid of the Day

Radley Balko is instituting a feature on his blog in anticipation of his new book, due out in June. The first one comes from Miami:

The police in Miami had received a tip from an informant that Brown, who had no criminal record, was selling drugs from his small apartment. So they sent the SWAT team. The police claimed at the time that Brown began firing at them as soon as they entered his home. So they fired back.
And they fired back.
And they fired back.
By the time they were finished, they had pumped 123 rounds into Richard Brown’s apartment—nine of them into Richard Brown. One Miami SWAT officer also mistakenly shot one of his colleagues in the back.
Of course, they didn't find any drugs, and by the time the whole SWAT team had finger-fucked the weapon that Brown had allegedly fired at the police there were no finger prints or smudges at all. The officers were cleared of any wrong-doing.

I may have to get his book: Rise of the Warrior Cop. You can find information on how to pre-order at the link above.


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