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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sometimes it pays ...

... to keep up with what the other side is up to.

I went searching for this information while my mind was meandering over some gun control rant somewhere or other, and I regret that info from MAIG was one of the first cogent links I found. But go ahead and go to the link ... look around.

If you select your state, you can see how many mental health records have been submitted to NICS and how many your state 'needs' to be top-notch in MAIG's study. But the methodology is where the devil lies. In the best-performing states, there is a certain number of records submitted per 100k of population; in the 'worst'-performing states, there is a much lower number reported per 100k of population. If you report lots of people, you get a good score.

There is no standard listed for who is actually reported. If you're California and have a large incidence of crazy people, you'd be expected to report more people to NICS. But if you're Georgia and have a lower incidence of crazy people, you're penalized by MAIG.

All this is meant to point out that there's lots that needs to be done in the area of mental health and reporting to NICS. But I reject the idea that any mental health contact is automagically reportable.


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