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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The media continues ...

... to get it dead wrong:

"I'm not crazy," Picuti says. "I know they can't predict earthquakes. The basis of the charges is not that they didn't predict the earthquake. As functionaries of the state, they had certain duties imposed by law: to evaluate and characterize the risks that were present in L'Aquila." Part of that risk assessment, he says, should have included the density of the urban population and the known fragility of many ancient buildings in the city centre. "They were obligated to evaluate the degree of risk given all these factors," he says, "and they did not."
But that's the narrative  ... a bunch of anti-scientist Republicans infiltrated the Italian judiciary and  jailed some of our sciencey friends, nay ... heros!

No, the scientists tried to operate outside of their field of expertise and people died as a result. It's not surprising that the survivors are a bit miffed. h/t Vox

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