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Friday, October 12, 2012

Couldn't have said it better ...

... myself:

The “pragmatic” strategy, apparently, requires gun rights activists to count on the Constitution for protection against people who have made it absolutely clear that they consider the Constitution to be so much Charmin substitute. At least one “prag,” for example, has railed against some other gun rights advocates, for their refusal to vote for one of the chief architects of one of the most brazen attacks on the First Amendment in recent history.
The sentiment is noted that Republicans aren't so much liberty-oriented as they are statist-the-other-direction ... compared to Democrats. I'd only wish that more 2A activists would realize it.

I'd also point out that the colonies were trying to work 'within the system' when they  had to declare war on England - statists don't care about you, only power. h/t Mike


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