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Friday, July 20, 2012

This has been going around ...

... and I realize I'm late to the party.

Robb has the most comments (and the most spirited debate), but I have to sort of disagree with my Imaginary Friend.*

Some of the adages I've heard (and spoken) refer to the fact that reasonable people are in bed at 1:30 in the morning. Now, if you're willing to ascribe perfection to law enforcement (I am not), then you can take the officers' side in this.

But if you, however, are more ... reasoned ... then you have to question whether the police were correct in assuming that just because the suspect's motorcycle was across from the victim's door, that the suspect would necessarily be in that apartment. So let's knock on this guy's door at 1:30, wake him up, not identify ourselves as good guys and hope that the citizen we just woke up will assume we're not criminals and be prepared to defend himself.

Yeah, that sounds more than reasonable ...

Now, given the facts as reported (always an iffy proposition), the officers had to have already had their weapons drawn and their fingers already on the trigger to have gotten the drop on a citizen who opened the door with his own weapon pointed at the officers (who, remember, didn't identify themselves for safety reasons ... theirs), so in my mind, the officers were pretty fucking sure that the guy they were looking for was going to open the door.

This looks to me like a case of police acting with an unspoken assurance that whatever they do will be looked at by those who matter in the most favorable light.

In a free state, that's just wrong.


*Imaginary Friend - what my wife calls the bloggers I follow. Those I have actually met I call my not-Imaginary Friends.

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