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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm going to bitch ...

My dad just got remarried to a fine woman, who is originally from the northeast. She holds an annual 'camp' for her grandchildren, and this year I'm taking her grandson shooting (since he's 13 and lives in IL) for a day.

As part of that, I'm looking at the shooting opportunities in his home town in case he likes shooting (and who doesn't?!).

What the fuck is wrong with you people in IL?!! I knew it'd be a hard row to hoe but I never imagined the reality.

And why the fuck hasn't the NRA sued over the fucking FOID card? Having to have a license to exercise an enumerated right? A suit over the FOID would be my first objective (especially after Heller and McDonald).

I guess the NRA hating NFA weapons is the least of our worries ...


1 comment:

Stranger said...

The NRA did not sue Illinois in 1967/68 because, given the political situation at the time, there was every probability that they would lose.

Since then the Second Amendment has gotten better accepted but not enough so that a lawsuit against FOID would be a slam dunk.

And as always, it is better to fight the smaller fights that you have an excellent chance of winning than to risk it all on one throw.