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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A glacier moves, slowly ...

... but it moves none the less:

...the law is now his. This is RobertsCare. And how we get there matters.

Until we start teaching that lesson — as I’ve been arguing here for years and years and years now — we’re doomed to repeat the kinds of foundational errors that, when nestled into the rules of “legitimate” hermeneutic procedures, will always and (irony!) intentionally move us away from individual autonomy and toward tyranny.

Jeff, once again, spells out what happened and why we need to be aware of what happened, something he's been preaching for a long time.

I may not have the intellect of a Jeff Goldstein but even I can see that a living constitution, though it can serve as a guide to government, can never be limiting of government the way it was intended.


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