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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jesus H Christ ...

... can this bitch not stop whining?

And on Nov. 6, 2013, my 37-year career as a firearms journalist came to an abrupt end.

Why? Because I wrote an 800-word column for Guns & Ammo magazine exploring the distinction between regulation and infringement as it applies to constitutional rights. As discussions of the Second Amendment go, the column was innocuous.
There is sooooo much that Metcalf spins to his benefit in this article that has already been debunked that it hardly bears repeating.

But ... really? Do you honestly think that if you plead your case about how the mean old 2A absolutists and nut jobs got you fired that someone will have pity on you?

Listen up, Schmuckatelli ... you fucked up and you're not the least bit repentant, I suppose because you think you did nothing wrong.

And that's why you"re not likely to get much sympathy from me.


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Old NFO said...

Zero sympathy here too...