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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'll weigh in ...

... because some don't fully grok the implications:
Really hard to get too excited over this since the plastic gun hasn't been shown to last very long. - Ace's ONT
This is what those on the Right, but who are not gunnies always say.

Obviously they haven't heard about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

First, the ability to produce your own firearms means that gun control is most sincerely dead. Yes, it's a technology that needs to be developed but make no mistake, it will be.

Second, the ability to produce your own firearms, even a single-shot means that the government can never fully have the upper hand in any confrontation. They may have fire superiority but they will never win when those under their thumb can hit [Print] and at least give the feds problems.

The human animal recognizes the need to defend itself - some only look as far as the government for protection. Some of us look ... farther down the thought continuum.



Bob S. said...

Or never heard of the Liberator either.

1 shot to obtain a better weapon. 1 shot to stop a tyrannt; either a street corner version or national, it really doesn't take an army in every situation.

And the technology is only going to get better. I can't even guess at how quickly high strength composites or carbon fiber materials will become feasible but it won't be long

Old NFO said...

Actually, the Aussie gangs were/are making submachine guns in garages today... Think "Sten" guns...