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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A wise man once told me ...

... to be a good blogger, be a good commenter:
Even if you’re not explicitly into the God-thing, you must recognize the importance of humility in a civil society, i.e., “I want control only over my own affairs; I have no business trying to arrange yours, because I can’t possibly be that wise.” Or further, one must recognize that the human soul is sovereign and ultimately answerable to Nature’s God. At Cornell, I couldn’t help noticing that many of those who “killed God” did so to take His place as the Ultimate Moral Authority. “Don’t follow those Jesus-freaks,” they’d advise. “Follow me instead. It’s way hipper.”
Dicentra comments on Jeff's post on Waking the Dragon by Barry Snell. I agree with all of his points and would even add a couple.

I can't remember who it was who posted (maybe Robb Allen?), but the thrust was that the Left makes it hard to even have a moments' reflection after an atrocity like Sandy Hook; as soon as you log into Facebook or read the online news, all you hear is screaming and dancing in the blood of innocents.

Snell rightly calls the Left out on the reasons why we can't have a dialogue about guns, and it's all the Left's fault.


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