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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Matt Bracken ...

... puts some fucking knowledge:

In response to recent articles in mainstream military journals discussing the use of the U.S. Army to quell insurrections on American soil, I offer an alternate vision of the future. Instead of a small town in the South as the flash point, picture instead a score of U.S. cities in the thrall of riots greater than those experienced in Los Angeles in 1965 (Watts), multiple cities in 1968 (MLK assassination), and Los Angeles again in 1992 (Rodney King). New Yorkers can imagine the 1977 blackout looting or the 1991 Crown Heights disturbance. In fact, the proximate spark of the next round of major riots in America could be any from a long list cribbed from our history.
The spark he uses in his example? Welfare payments stop one day..

If you don't take any of my advice but this, Read. The. Whole. Thing.

I also note that it's not strange that you should see an article this dire on a website like Western Rifle Shooters, but I saw this on protein wisdom - not your usual source for subversive dogma.

It's getting believable, folks.


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