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Monday, September 17, 2012

If only ...

... Republicans were this smart:

The goal is to create an enveloping data matrix which gives the Honey Boo Boos a sort of half-aware impression that the narrative we’ve concocted for them is not simply a partisan narrative fighting for their allegiance but rather is simply the way things are.

To that end, the headlines need to be as unsubtle as possible, but still hewing to reality — reality through our lens.

I call this approach “truthaganda,” to contrast it with the leftists’ more traditional and more mendacious “propaganda.” The progressives have a massive advantage over us because their Gramscian predecessors have gotten a hammer-lock on the mainstream media which they have no intention of ever letting go; but we at least have truth on our side. All we’ve got to do is turn that truth up to 11. Perhaps even 11.5.

RTWT ... it's informative, and nothing conservatives (who want to win) should find out of line.

I've thought the same thing myself. Instead of Romney playing the medias' game, he should respond to questions of his timing thusly:

"So, after we know that there was lax security (authorized by Hillary Clinton) at the consulate, that the whereabouts of the Ambassador were unknown for roughly 10 hours, that the president couldn't be bothered to answer the 3am call, and instead of getting to the bottom of having a US ambassador assasinated he jets off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser ... you want to question me on my timing?"

The media are not our friends ... I see nothing wrong with turning their malfeasance back on them and making them justify their choices.


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