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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I knew they were bad ...

... but not this bad:

“There’s nothing American about what just happened,” protested Nevada Republican delegate Wiselot Rouzard after the convention refused to seat the delegation from Maine. “This is the death of the Republican Party.”

What Wiselot and fellow Ron Paul delegates had experienced was a memorable display of the Republican Party’s fetid essence. The tactics employed by the GOP establishment to isolate, intimidate, and ultimately to expel Ron Paul delegates were the natural product of the party’s totalitarian genetics. By using criminal means to impose a monolithic, top-down process in which an entrenched oligarchy can re-write the rules to suit its whims, the Republican Party was simply living down to its odious pedigree.

From what I've read, what the party has done is make it almost impossible for us knuckle-dragging Hobbits to mount challenges to those who more closely hew to the party lines (like Dickie Lugar and Bob Bennett), and given the uneasiness that some conservatives have in supporting Mitt Romney, folks should be a lot more worried about this.


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