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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Withholding your vote ...

... will it work?
If you want to extract the occasional concession for a Republican, fine. But the only way is to make withholding your vote your default position. Let them pander in deed, not just word to earn your case by case transnational support. 
This is a long post ... and sort of rantish. And the comments, geez the comments. I still can't believe how many people really think the GOP is salvagable.

It's not.

But they do make a good point about how withholding your vote advances the conservative cause. I have the answer.

It involves not withholding your vote, but voting for someone who can be identified as Not being the current GOP. Someone like, NOTA.

Someone like ... Not Another Moderate Republican (NAMR).

You see, if the party can't see definitively how many votes they lost by foisting another squish on the electorate, then they'll never change.


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