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Friday, April 10, 2015

Education bleg ...

Yesterday, a local radio host went shooting with one of the stations' advertisers and by his account, he had a great time.

But this radio host, in spite of being a claimed second amendment 'supporter', he repeats a LOT of misinformation* from the Hollywood school of firearms knowledge.

So here's the challenge: You've got one hour at a private firing range, with any firearms you choose and any training aids you might need.

What is your syllabus for taking an uneducated (or mal-educated) individual like a radio host or reporter to a point where they're not an idiot about firearms or firearms laws?** Is an hour enough? What training aids would you want ( caliber charts, representative rounds for comparison, demonstrations set up, etc)?




*He's said that a .410 out of a Taurus Judge would 'knock someone back 15 feet', that another chamber in said Judge could be loaded with a kevlar-piercing bullet, that the 9mm is a 'big' bullet, .50 cal rifles are designed to shoot people through concrete blocks, and other jewels that only Hollywood could believe.

**Keep in mind that this training should be such that the individual could no longer report about firearms the way reporters typically do unless they're being willfully misleading.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

I would run them through the Basic NRA course. That covers pretty much all the issues, and gives them range time to boot. Oh yeah, and that takes 8 hours. I don't believe you CAN do it in an hour.