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Monday, June 2, 2014

It seems as if some on our side ...

... just cant keep quiet.

This is from Salty Dad on Facebook. He's former LE, shoots pretty good and apparently has jumped on the bandwagon against open carry advocates.

I have a question: Does MDA, CSGV, Brady and Bloomberg not get enough exposure to fuck us in the ass without our side publically and loudly throwing gasoline on the fire? I mean, there are no shortage of examples of MDA flat out lying about ... everything ... and the best we can do is forward the news articles around in our echo chamber and bitch and moan on our podcasts and tell Facebook just how pissed we are that MDA lies, just so our non-gunny friends can roll their eyes one more time.

Does no one remember Bob Filner, the disgraced mayor in CA? Woman after woman came out and detailed his disgusting sexual habits, but you never heard a Democrat say an unflattering thing about him, even as he was resigning. Anything negative that was said to him by the Left was said in private.

Do we know that Filner was a putz? Yes ... but the media kept up the drumbeat from his supporters that he was really  good man, a misunderstood man.

But just let one of our own do something that some don't think is particularly helpful and you can't stop the voices talking about how stupid it was, and how bad it makes us look. Even when the event was planned ... and had the permission of the restaurant ... and all the photos that are soooo offensive were posed (the one fellow being a new member of the organization) ... and after no one (including police officers that were in the restaurant) paid no attention to the demonstrators, or called 911.

Sometimes it makes me sick to be on this side, as quickly as some of us turn on the others.

 Does anyone remember how many big-name bloggers denounced George Zimmerman as soon as his story went national? I can think of two right off the top of my head and it wasn't 3 weeks before they were eating crow once the facts started coming out.

Way too many of us are far too willing to conform to other's ideas of how we should comport ourselves, especially when we personally don't like the behavior. Kinda like the FUDDs who complain about anything that isn't a Remington 700 or Benelli shotgun or Colt Python. Can't we do better?


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