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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I think is the saddest part ...

... that this will mean nothing for Innovator's hopes to market the Stabilizer:
A mouse is not an "elephant" solely because it has three characteristics that are common to known elephants: a tail, gray skin, and four legs. A child's bike is not a "motorcycle" solely because it has three characteristics common to known motorcycles: two rubber tires, handlebars, and a leather seat. And a Bud Light is not "Single-Malt Scotch," just because it is frequently served in a glass container, contains alcohol, and is available for purchase at a tavern.
The judge gets it exactly right, but he doesn't realize that this is the way the ATF has operated for years.

I also note that on pg 9 of the decision that the classification letter will not stand up to the force of law with regards to future classifications. Again, the judge simply does not realize that that's how the ATF does business.

I think it would be interesting to have a single judge to hear ALL of the challenges to ATF classification letters, except that I don't think a single judge could staned the idiocy for more than a couple of years.    h/t Dave Hardy


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