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Friday, May 2, 2014

The State ...

... will always protect the State:
"The motorcyclist had given up yet he still rammed him and took him out, unbelievable," said Rick Horner.
The state didn't see it that way. The Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Putnam County district attorney both investigated the 2012 chase and the actions of Trooper Michael Loftis.
District Attorney Randy York wrote, "We have decided not to pursue any criminal charges and will be closing our file. I do not think there were any intentional actions of Trooper Loftis that led to this accident."
There's video at the link. The officer chased the guy through town and into the country, with the obligatory high speeds. When the biker stopped, the officer made sure he wasn't going anywhere else by ramming him into a fence and pinning him.

I'm sorry to say that the guy's lawsuit is probably doomed to fail.


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Old NFO said...

Two wrongs DO NOT make a right... And the brake fade excuse is BS!