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Friday, April 11, 2014

With friends like these ...

... who needs enemies:
"Anybody who wants to play like they're a cowboy with a gun out, to me, is maybe a little questionable," says firearm instructor Joe Cochis, at Shooter's Depot.
So now the bill in TN to remove handguns from the list of weapons one may not carry in public is bottled up in a house subcommittee, and a reportedly neutral governor now has reservations.

But not a peep out of the usual suspects; it's all been FUDDs. So, thanks for that.



Anonymous said...

I know Joe from Shooter's Depot, I was a member there for a couple of years. He's a nice man but he's from New Jersey with some sort of law enforcement background. I'm happy he escaped to freedom in Tennessee and sad that he still has a bit of the "Only Ones" mentality.

Paul Smith

The Packetman said...

I fully understand that he's a nice guy; were I still drinking I'd kill to sit in on poker night with Bill Clinton! But that's as far as I'd go with Bill Clinton. Joe and I may agree on a lot of things; not on this.

That said, he needs to understand that he's painting with an awfully broad brush when he states that anyone carrying openly is a 'cowboy' and 'maybe ... questionable', and that some of those 'wannabe cowboys' just might take exception to his comment ... especially when aired on TV.

Now the last part of that brings up a point I've tried to hammer on for a while now; the media is NOT YOUR FRIEND! Even if you're their go-to guy on all things firearm. They know next to nothing about firearms and they'll never understand the mindset of the strident gun rights advocate (like you and I!). To my mind, I would have rather he said something like 'Of course, since I teach firearms safety, I'd rather see all firearms owners get training but I see nothing wrong with allowing lawful gun owners to carry their firearms openly, as long as they do so respectfully and in accordance with the law.' That is the kind of statement we need to hear on TV.

He also might have offered to hold reduced price or free classes for a limited time upon the signing of the bill, or offering free classes with the purchase of a membership. But to automatically disparage those who don't want (or are financially unable) to carry concealed for self defence is the very definition of a FUDD.