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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Until the government can be trusted* ...

... I can no longer support the death penalty:

But of course we don't measure justice by how many people the state executes. We measure it by how well states and counties administer fair trials and due process. And the problem here is that there seems to be a strong correlation between counties that frequently send people to death row, and counties with high rates of wrongful conviction, forensics scandals and prosecutorial misconduct, as found by appeals courts.
 In my neck of the woods, it was the case of Tonya Craft who, after even the father one of her accusers told investigators that the daughter and mother were making shit up, was charged with 23-odd charges of child molestation.

She was found Not Guilty on all counts and spent $500k on her defense. I know that's not a death penalty case but if you pay attention, there are lots of folks getting out of prison and an equal number of prosecutors that double down on their convictions.

I believe that the death penalty, fairly applied is just. What we have now is anything but.


*That's kinda self-fulfilling, isn't it?!

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