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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book review: The Law of Self Defense

A book written by Andrew F Branca.

Andrew Branca is an attorney in MA, as well as a CCW permit-holder, life NRA member, NRA instructor and has studied with Massad Ayoob. As such, he is pretty qualified to speak on self-defense issues.

What brought me to Branca was his coverage on Legal Insurrection of the George Zimmerman trial, along with his insightful commentary and daily wrap-ups. It was also very interesting to read the ongoing comments during the trial. Branca was actively engaged in the discussion and I gathered he knew what it was that he was talking about. So I took advantage of one of his manyt discount offers during th3e Zimmerman trial and bought the book.

Never having read a book about self-defense I wasn't sure what to expect, but I quickly got into Branca's writing, It was clear and easy to understand, devoid of legal jargon and humorous at times.

Branca's method is to describe the legal process, as far as the things that will cause a prosecutor to look favorably on your situation, meaning a case in which he might have to work. He then takes you through the relevant issues that will be involved and tells you what the law (and prudence) expects.

What is very helpful is that, as he discusses the issues Branca provides information from all 50 states on what the law is regarding those issues (SYG, defense-of-property, etc).

All in all I would recommend this book. Andrew also maintains a blog at where he answers specific questions posted to him. He also gives seminars which are a live version of his book. Check his web site for specific information.


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