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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If you're not watching the Zimmerman trial ...

... you should be, because the prosecutions case is unravelling before their very eyes:

But Guy may have tripped himself up when he asked Noffke why he didn’t order Zimmerman not to follow Martin. As Noffke said, for liability reasons, the dispatcher could not give commands, only suggestions. This essentially put a lie to the myth Zimmerman “disobeyed” the dispatcher.

At the beginning of jury selection two weeks ago, the AP had written, “Zimmerman called 911, got out of his vehicle and followed Martin behind the townhomes despite being told not to by a police dispatcher.”

As Noffke’s testimony made clear, Zimmerman called the non-emergency number, not 911, exited the truck and started following Martin before the dispatcher suggested that he not follow Martin. In addition, the dispatcher is not a police officer. (emphasis added)
The trial is being streamed by NBC (and maybe others) on Legal Insurrection, where Andrew Branca is covering the trial for LI (and he's doing a fine job!). If you can't watch the trial live, wqatch Legal Insurrection in the evenings for Mr Branca's wrap-up of the days proceedings.


1 comment:

Bob S. said...

Watch the trial to see how justice is being perverted by the state.

Watch the trial to be ready when it ends. As past trials have shown, if verdicts are returned not as some expect there can be problems; major problems.