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Monday, February 11, 2013

This points out something ...

... I've said for a long time:

The ongoing manhunt for murder suspect and former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is revealing systemic weaknesses and flaws reminiscent of the Beltway sniper attacks of over a decade ago. Not only has the presumed armed and dangerous suspect successfully eluded a massive dragnet involving police from all over Southern California, to the ski resort community of Big Bear, and now potentially “across three state and into Mexico,” but a panicked reaction in multiple incidents reveals police in the process of protecting their own posing a real danger to the public.
There is always a great sturm und drang whenever there is a mass shooting involving innocents, and that's pretty normal. But one thing I've noted during the outcry is that the general public simply doesn't understand just how bad it could be, especially when the perpetrator is well-trained, well-armed and highly-motivated.

Like Chris Dorner (spit).

For every trained operator out there in the military, how many folks are there walking around with regular jobs in the civilian world who have the exact same training? Regular folks who know the training and know the weaknesses and isn't afraid to implement a bit of 4th generation warfare.

Consider this - even given the vast numbers of military personnel and federal, state and local law enforcement does anyone who knows a bit about capabilities really think that a disgruntled populace can be held in check.

I keep plenty of popcorn on hand, just in case!


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Old NFO said...

Yep, what if it was 10 or a 100...