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Friday, September 6, 2013

This open carry incident is a bit old ...

... but that doesn't mean I can't comment:
The 23-minute video was posted the YouTube on Aug. 24. It shows three men sitting outside a San Antonio Starbucks displaying rifles. Several passersby stop and talk to the men. At least one woman stops to take video on her cell phone.

Police eventually showed up after they received a call from a woman who claimed she was “freaked out” by the display of weapons. Officers approached the men, questioned them about the situation and told the gun holders they needed to leave.
Legally, they were doing nothing wrong (their rifles were unloaded). But based on one woman being 'freaked out' about 3 men exercising their rights, well, none of that shit in my garden!

First, I have a real problem with having how someone feels dictating what I can or can't do. My example (not a very good one) is that if I intend insult and none is taken, no foul; if I don't intend insult and insult is taken the problem is with the insulted.

Second, as evidenced by the video, the three gentlemen were ... well ... gentlemen. They were respectful, they didn't raise their voices, they didn't even go into the typical 'Am I being detained' schpiel that you see a lot. they even told the police that they had tried to call the police in the area to give them a heads up about what they were planning (that they got an answering machine at the number they called - wrong - is beside the point). And they called the Starbucks to make sure that there were no restrictions by the store to them following state and federal laws.

In short, they did everything they could do outside of sending Royal Messenger Marvin ahead to announce their arrival to make those who might have to deal with them aware.

And it even looked like the young officer was at least empathetic to their cause, making sure the gents had the correct phone # in case they tried again. Of course, you should always get the name of who you talked to if you call a business about any kind of activism.

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