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Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie review: Tha Art of the Precision Rifle

I know, not exactly a fall blockbuster!

I've got Magpul's Art of the Tactical Carbine and have enjoyed it, so it was natural that when the opportunity presented itself to get Art of the Precision Rifle I jumped.

In the video, Travis Haley and Chris Costa (along with two other shooters) spend some time with Todd Hodnett at Accuracy 1st, a precision shooting camp in west TX. Todd and his company consults and teaches military and law enforcement, as well as civilian shooters. He's developed a system on getting quick, accurate shots on target at extended ranges as well as ballistics programs and graphic aids to help the shooter.

One of the most interesting things Hodnett demonstrates on the video is the capability of his ballistics program to 'true' the computations based on real-world conditions. As an artilleryman in a former life, I immediately recognized the process as equivalent to 'registering' and artillery piece. The registration process is one in which you take into account things that your gunnery solution can't (such as things like cant of the piece). His program has the ability to adjust the predicted solution to match what the bullet is actually doing based on current conditions.

Add to this a facility in west TX in which he can allow students to shoot at ranges up to 2K meters in all directions and you've got a slow-paced yet exciting video (the Mile Shot is particularly intersesting).

If you can find the video to borrow I encourage it ..;. when I win the lottery, I'll be taking a class!


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