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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Athis makes a certain amount ...

... of sense:

Laws should be written in comportment with human behavior. It is normal human behavior to shoot a fleeing punk in this situation. The law should therefore bless it.

The law should not be an ass.

The law should be written to make sense to the common man, not the exceptional one. Perhaps an exceptional man places so much value on the life of the man who just beat him, threatened him with a shotgun, and stole his fortune that he would rather let a fleeing robber escape than fire a shot at him.
The story is about the French jeweler who is facing charges for shooting a fleeing man who had just robbed him and his store.

Some who know economic theory would tend to agree. The thought that possessions aren't worth someone's life is only valid if you believe that possessions just appear out of thin air. The things you have (unless you've stolen them) you've obtained by trading portions of your life for money, money that you then used to get your things. So one could make the case that by taking your things, a robber is taking a part of your life. I tend to agree.

How much of your life would you be willing to part with before you started shooting?


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