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Monday, January 21, 2013

Messaging bleg Updated

I"m trying to engage more on Facebook, and I'd like to get opinions.

On any post that I forward on my page, if it's an article on why a certain event isn't getting play in the media (that is, it's favorable to the gun rights side) I mention that such reporting "doesn't advance The Narrative". I believe that's accurate and it's short and succinct.

When I post items regarding gun control, I try to point out that gun control isn't about reducing violence it's about control, like this: "Remember, it's not about reducing violence, it's about controlling and eliminating your means to defend yourself."

My bleg is coming up with an all-inclusive phrase that accurately describes the realities of gun control but that is short and uses language that doesn't make us all sound like Alex Jones fans.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Update: More examples: "Remember, it's not about reducing violence or keeping kids safe; it's about disarming the American public."

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Old NFO said...

Controlling your self defense rights? Maybe...