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Friday, January 25, 2013

Given the current rules ...

... nothing will change:

While there is some support for limiting magazine capacities, almost two-thirds (63%) want better enforcement of existing legislation rather than new laws.  In a multi-answer question, a large plurality said that better security (41%) would better address school shootings, while only 18% chose making access to guns more difficult.  Almost the same percentage (16%) chose better access to mental-health resources.
 And when I say 'rules', I'm referring to the way in which prosecutions of gun laws happens (or doesn't, as it were).

The reason that Attorneys General don't prosecute the straw purchases and the like is that those crimes won't get you to the next rung on the career ladder; unless it's a crime that has other enticements AG's just won't prosecute. And law enforcement quickly learns that if your AG won't prosecute, there's no point in going after offenders.

It's kind of like how mental health records are supposed to be reported by the states to the NICS system, but if there's no incentive (or disincentive), why would they bother?

Which leads me to the belief that nothing will change until folks start taking safety upon themselves.


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Old NFO said...

And the whole issue of HIPAA with the mental health records are going to cause problems...