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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wow ...

... just, wow:

A key realization: the enemy uses cheap night vision gear in the form of cameras that have night functions.  When our IR lasers, our IR strobes, our IR illumination or our IR spotlights are radiating, they can easily be seen using cheap digital cameras.  I recently told this to some Norwegian soldiers, who were as surprised as our soldiers to learn it.  I learned this from the enemy, not from our guys.  The Taliban even use smart phone cameras to watch for invisible lasers.  The enemy in Afghanistan has been caught using cameras for night vision.  It is just a stroke of common sense: I have been doing it for eight years since I noticed an IR laser one night in Iraq.
Now I know that the militant muzzies are a pack of camel-humping inbreds, but that doesn't mean that they're completely stupid. When you realize that the gap between what the military uses on a regular basis and what's available to the general public is not that large, then you shouldn't be surprised that someone within the terrorist ranks figures it out. They're 15th because they want to be, not because they can't handle the 20th.

Technology doesn't discriminate.  h/t Ace's ONT


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