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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why can objectively smart people be so fucking stupid?

A relative of mine is going through a divorce, she has a restraining order on her ex-husband-to-be and she's considering getting a permit and a handgun. But given that, within the family at least, I am the recognized duty expert on firearms and legalities, does she take my advice?

Of course not ...

She was offered her mother's revolver for the immediate need (a horrid thing, in .22lr and a 20lb double action pull) but she didn't want to do that.

Another relative said she needed to pick something with 'real stopping power' like a .38, but she doesn't want anything too heavy.

I also took that pistol to the house and ran a brush through the bore and cylinders (it looked like it hadn't seen solvent in 20 years), gathered up some ammo, and brought my pistols back with the revolver, offering to let her shoot any of them. Nope ... she didn't want to do that.

What did I suggest? Spend the $100 or so it would cost to go to the local indoor range and rent a variety of handguns and find one that she could handle and shoot well, and pick caliber later. Then buy the handgun she likes. But is she going to do that?

Of course not ...

She's going to run by the local pawn shop (which, admittedly has the largest selection in town but that's not saying much) and pick something.

Living in a rural area has a lot going for it with regards to firearms and sho)oting in general. It also has a lot of out-dated notions about some of the finer points of gun ownership and self-defense.

But, hey ... I made my offers ... it's out of my hands now.


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