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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why would any party ...

... want to claim someone so intellectually bankrupt?

We now have a couple states — Colorado and Washington — that have gone into the business of effectively encouraging drug use. By making weed legal, they are creating a situation in which the price will drop substantially. One RAND study suggests that prices could plummet by up to 90 percent, before taxes and such. As prices drop and legal fears go away, usage is bound to increase. This is simple economics, and it is confirmed by much research. Colorado and Washington, in other words, are producing more users.
Yoo hoo ... Schmuckatelli ... Colorado and Washington are doing no such thing.  What they are doing is acknowledging the reality that the drug war in unwinnable, people will smoke marijuana whether it's legal to or not and it just might help a few folks.

But keep flapping your gums, Brooks ... no one but the NYT readership is listening.


1 comment:

Old NFO said...

And in fact prices (with taxes) have gone UP not down...