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Friday, January 17, 2014

Hey ...

... schadenfreude is schadenfreude!

An anti-gun policy is driving yet another business from a Beaumont mall where a man recently had his AR-15 confiscated.

Derek Poe owns Golden Triangle Tactical, a gun shop inside Parkdale Mall.  He made national headlines after being arrested after carrying the rifle through the shopping center.

Other tenants now say the mall's “illegal crackdown” – including the posting of signs on some entrances – is costing them business.
I wrote about this the other day, and while I believe it's the mall's right to ban firearms on their property, CBL was trying to 'ban'  guns instead of 'BAN-ban' guns.

So it's nice to see this bit of schadenfreude.

It's also nice to see that maybe, just maybe ... open carry is not the kiss of death that some Fudds would have us believe.


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