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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Defense of Marriage Act ...

... and an apolitical Supreme Court should be the classical liberal's best friend.

Despite what I may think of the goal of the DOMA, it is not the federal government's role to legislate on marriage, and therein lies the opportunity for classical liberals.

If the government is proscribed from legislating on the validity of one type of marriage over another, how then can the government decide the validity of federal benefits based on the same (non-)criteria?

For example, currently social security will provide spousal benefits with the amount dependant on the particular circumstances. But if the government can no longer validate marriage, how then can it disburse benefits based on marriage? I know, we'll just accept all marriages.

But what about the man (or woman) who has married their dog? Or cat?

Or marmot?! When does (can) the government draw the line?

Could it be that we might realize that the government has no business doing social security at all? Before the economy collapses and it all becomes moot?


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